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  1. As you suggested, I tried changing both the TO's to Manifest 2 and came up with the same printed result. I then changed them back to Manifest but to no avail. Then last night as I lay in bed with this running through my head (I know... TMI), I thought that maybe there was something the portal didn't like about the Merge Field. So this morning, I removed the Merge Field and replaced it with the actual fields, Alas, another problem. The printout was showing all the flight as it should but it was only showing the Destination and Arrival time on the first flight. So I looked into the p
  2. That didn't change anything. I changed them all to Segments 2 and then all back to Segments on both the Trips layout as well as the Print_Itinerary layout Still the same result.
  3. Thanks Lee, The forum said that I didn't have permission to do this (paraphrased) but I wasn't zipping it up. Clients.zip
  4. Could someone please tell me why my portal isn't printing correctly on the Print_Itinerary layout? Â Â Even though there are two flights listed in the portal on the Trips layout, it insists on printing the first record twice. Â The file is located here for download. Â Â
  5. Alright. Let's say you have nine people in a touring group. One lives in Nashville, one in Dallas, one in Denver, one in Atlanta and five in Chicago. The tour bus picks everyone up in Chicago. You have to get the four out-of-towners to Chicago to meet the bus. Now, if the first show is in Indianapolis the next day it's a simple 4-hour drive to get everyone there but say there is a show in Los Angeles two days later. The bus can't feasibly make a 2,000+ drive in time so it's considered a 'fly date'. At that point, all nine get on the same flight in Indy. This is where the multiple passen
  6. I would love to do this. Most airlines and flight numbers follow the same itinerary if they are leaving from the same airport. This method would save a ton of fields in the flights table, allow me to use lookups and allow me to post more legs per trip. The reason I am doing this as I am is because, lets say I have one passenger flying from Dallas to Chicago, another from Nashville to Chicago and still another from Denver to Chicago. Printing from a list view allows me to only post one flight itinerary per printed page. With the method I am using I can print all three on the same page savin
  7. I would love to comment but due to the printing restrictions of portals (not resizing), it makes my itineraries look somewhat amateur-ish. Some of the flights on a given trip do not have all the fields occupied therefore leaving gaps between flight legs.As you can see in the example below, some of the flights might have a footnote attached and some might or might not have layovers. I did however place the passengers in a related table and as a portal on the printed itinerary. It's not perfect but a little more tweaking will get it there.
  8. This has to be so simple but I have tried everything I can think of for two days trying to get it to work. I have 3 fields (Flight_Date, Flight_DepartureTime, Flight_ArrivalTime) I need a function that will take the departure time and the arrival time and determine if the arrival is on a later date. For example; let's say that on June 4, you have an evening flight the leaves Ft. Lauderdale at 6:35 pm and arrives at Albany at 12:01 am the next day. On my printout, it want it to display as "Departs: 6:35 pm Arrives: 12:01 am (Jun 6)" Every way I have tried to acco
  9. Okay, first off, thanks to everyone for your advise and input. @ Lee - I honestly thought I was giving you everything you needed. Contained in the original post was the List calculation that gave me the printed result shown in the top pane of the attachment. What I wanted to do was to have a printed result as was shown in the bottom pane (which was a PDF document with the unwanted parts edited out). I admit I wasn't clear on this. My wife was screaming at me to get off the computer and 'do something useful'. I thought I was doing something useful. @ LaRetta - Your example was great excep
  10. That's perfect Matthew! Thank you for understanding how I don't explain things. Now if I can just figure out how you came up with this...
  11. Sorry Lee. I should have been more concise. I am wanting the first line of text to read as follows; Los Angeles to Denver -- Mon, Nov 11. and not Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Denver, CO (DEN) -- Mon, Nov 11. I am wanting to lose everything to the right of the comma including the comma (ie: , CA (LAX)).
  12. I may be asking this in the wrong place since it pertains to the printed page instead of a GUI layout. Please forgive me if I have. Â My question has to do with text parsing. I would like to have to individual city names to print without the comma or state name or airport code. Â In other words, show only the words to the left of the comma. Please see the attached image. Â The formula I am using to get the text block is; Â List ( TextStyleAdd (Â Origin_1&" to "& Destination_1 & " -- " &Left ( DayName ( Date_1 ); 3) & ", " &Left ( MonthName ( Date_1 ); 3)
  13. We have to generate monthly reports to the company regarding miles traveled and fuel purchased. These reports have to start at the beginning day of each month. As I have it now, when you start a new month, the variable ($EndDate) is set to be the date field of the last record in the portal. When the new month record opens up it has a starting date. Now it is set to SetField as $EndDate + 1. This is fine if your last entry on the previous month as on the final day of that month. However, lets say a driver makes his last trip to Austin, TX on August 26th and this is where he makes hi
  14. It can. This is a temporary fix until I can delve further into this. But since you asked, I have up to 10 bonus levels with a Low mileage number and a High mileage number for each level. The computer will be able to compare the final mileage to the bonus low and high levels and auto enter the appropriate bonus level. I have the fields in place but honestly haven't had time to look into that function. Please, please feel free to do that if you'd like.
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