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  1. Thanks a lot, it works perfectly! :laugh2:
  2. Hi all, I have the same problem as a previous post in 2010 (archived since). "I am using the WriteToFile function in ScriptMaster v3.33 with FM 10 Adv on Windows. I want to create a plain ASCII text file with CR/LF as the end of line characters. First I put my text field into a local variable $text and replace all CR with CR/LF using: Substitute( $text; [Char( 11); ""]; [ Char( 13); Char( 13) & Char (10)] ) Then I use WriteToFile to create the file. I have tried several character encodings when I register the WriteToFile function (ASCII, utf-8) but they repla
  3. I can easyly understand this ;-)) Maybe you could be a little more explicit about your proposal of 4 Tables for the reports and about the Termination for a patient-doctor relationship?
  4. Thx a lot, very interesing change in the scheme, I am really impressed. I will definitely do this. Concerning my database structure, I don't know if I should redo everything, because I am quite advanced now, eventhough I still have a long road to go. Nonetheless, if you agree to have a look at my database, I can send it to you by e-mail. I woudn't like to post it, because I am not sure that I have anonymized everything and in addition a friend of mine started to do it, so I do not have all the rights on it. So if you provide me with your e-mail, I can send it to you. Thx again
  5. Absolutely, différent types of medical exams = différent reports. In addition i dont want to have more than 1000 fields if i have only a single table.
  6. Hi, I have one more problem I would like to ask you concerning setting a field to one from another table. I have a many to many reltionship between Patients and Doctors tables using a linking table (Doctor_Patient Relation), as a patient can have several doctors and a doctor can follow several patients at the same time. I am also a doctor and I have to make a report on a given patient and this is why I use Report Table related to Patients via "Patient ID". Now, when I create a report, I have to select a doctor in the report table to send him the report afterwards, and I do this via
  7. It works as you proposed now, I don't know why, but it works, and it's much simpler. Thx a lot
  8. Version 11.0v1 on Windows XP. This is strange... But I think I have the script, please have a look at the attached file. But still I have a small problem: #Script working fine Set Variable [ $$PortalRowNumber; Value:Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) ] Set Variable [ $$Conclusion; Value:GetNthRecord (Report::Conclusion; $$PortalRowNumber) ] Set Field [ Consultation::Report Conclusion; $$Conclusion ] Same Script, but I am using a variable ($$RelatedLayoutConclusion) instead of Report::Conclusion at the line 4 of the below script, but now the displayed result is "Report::
  9. It looks in deed very easy. However, nothing happens when I click on the button. Any idea why?
  10. Thank you very much for your proposition, but unfortunately your solution is not exactly what I need, because I don't want to get all the conclusions. In fact, I want to select only one single report record from the portal using the button and then I need to import the related conclusion (ie. Report::Conclusion) from this report to my Consultation::Report Conclusion. In other words, my Consultation::Report Conclusion field should contain only one single conclusion from a report that I have decided to select. Could you please help me again? Thanks Patients.zip
  11. Thank you both of you for your promt and nice answers. To make my needs a little clearer, I have made a filemaker example. I need to press on a button in the portal to import selected Rapport::Conclusion to the Consult:Report Conclusion. But I have to be back on this layout and smae record at the end of the script. The button linked script is empty now. Would you be kind enough to write a few lines of code for me? I would be extreamly grateful for that. Thanks a lot. Patients.zip
  12. Hi, I am quite new to FM - 1 month, and it seems quite difficult to find an answer to my question in this jungle even it might well be quite simple for you guys. So thx for you answer. 1)Is it possible to use a variable with a "go to related record" - Something like "Go to related record ($Exam)" in a script? 2)How could I turn my script to get a field content value from a related TO without using GTRR and then come back to my initial layer? Thx
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