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  1. Thank you bcooney I have this but again I'm stumped
  2. Hello At first I had the contact and the company name field in the same table but I couldn't work out how to create the script. So then I added the Table for the Company and joined the relationship I have attached the images of the relationship I have created I would prefer that the Company Name and Contact Name would be in the same table then if no cCompany as been added then it creates it in the Contacts Name. Thank You
  3. Hello I have a dilema whuch I have been trying to work out I have hunted for a solution but with no Joy. I have a table for Contacts and a Table for Companies which is joined via a relationship. I have been trying to create a script that if the Contact does not belong to a company then the project in the Contacts Name or if the Contact belongs to a Company then Create the project with the Company name. I have tried with else and els if but with no joy. As anyone have a script for this to work for me. Thank You
  4. Hello I hope all is keeping well. I have been looking for a couple of days now on getting a calculation for my sample input. I have a table called Jobs and a Table called samples I have made a relationship between the jobs and samples I have made a portal on the jobs layout which I have written a script to add the samples to the job table which all works well. In the job list view I wanted to add a total count of not sampled test and a total count of the samples what has not been tested. How would I go about this I have tried calculations but with no joy. Could some o
  5. Ok here goes lol I will do my best to explain? I am in layout: Job_Details with the Table: Job the Job_Samples is another Table called SAM_Samples which when I done the relationship I called it Job_Samples so you have connected Job_Details to Job_Samples In the layout Job_Samples I have a container field called pdf and that's where the saved pdf should be Imported. I have also put a container field in a layout called SAM_Samples and changed the script to input the saved pdf in that one but I'm still getting a error. I hope this helps.
  6. Hello comment thank you for the link I have tried all the ways listed in the link and all I'm getting is the error 102 field is missing I have tried using another field but still getting the errors I looked up the error code and other recommendations is that pull it off the panel out of the live field but again still getting an error Any Thoughts ????
  7. Hello hope all is keeping well? Please I need help with this script what I have been trying to do for the last week is to put a saved PDF into a container field after its been created? I have tried to insert into a container field with the field be interactive and not Interactive but with no joy. The script attached is where I have been trying to place the script where the red line are? So after its saved to the desktop import into a container field so we have a copy of the PDF I hope someone would be so kind to help me Thank You
  8. Hello millmaine can you please share your script on how you done please Thank you
  9. Hi Bikeman17 I hope this helps I am using this you should be able to change it for your project if you place what's in the red box into your code it should work and don't forget to change job_CLIENT::name_full to your ID
  10. Thank you Comment I went with the hide field as then I will still have the record I didn't think of that Thank You Extreme
  11. I need help please I have three fields Due Date, Days Till Due and Issued date. I am having a problem on working out a script that when the Issued date as been populated I need the Due Date and Days Till Due for the fields to be cleared but I cant figure out how to do this. Thank You
  12. Hello Ryan I am not sure why but I just removed & Get(RecordNumber) from the script now I am getting the following. but when I remove that its not showing the other two its retrieving the last entry any ideas on this. Thank You
  13. Hello I need Help writing to Word Doc with Scribe 1) I am getting a gap between the heading and the start of the list I have tried to research on the Interweb with no joy. I have attached a screen shot with my created Word Document but as you can see I am getting a gap with a single table??? and I have put in the script for what I have done as a noobie to scribe I know that I am missing something. 2) How can I put a forward Slash in between the two words 3) How can I remove the 2nd Word if its the same as the first. I hope somebody could give me light as this is b
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