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  1. Thank you Comment I went with the hide field as then I will still have the record I didn't think of that Thank You Extreme
  2. I need help please I have three fields Due Date, Days Till Due and Issued date. I am having a problem on working out a script that when the Issued date as been populated I need the Due Date and Days Till Due for the fields to be cleared but I cant figure out how to do this. Thank You
  3. Hello Ryan I am not sure why but I just removed & Get(RecordNumber) from the script now I am getting the following. but when I remove that its not showing the other two its retrieving the last entry any ideas on this. Thank You
  4. Hello I need Help writing to Word Doc with Scribe 1) I am getting a gap between the heading and the start of the list I have tried to research on the Interweb with no joy. I have attached a screen shot with my created Word Document but as you can see I am getting a gap with a single table??? and I have put in the script for what I have done as a noobie to scribe I know that I am missing something. 2) How can I put a forward Slash in between the two words 3) How can I remove the 2nd Word if its the same as the first. I hope somebody could give me light as this is b
  5. Hello Thank you for trying to understand I know it hard to view other work especially when I am still trying to learn. So I am sorry for any confusion. The first screen Analytical Data Entry is for the address where the samples came from and the Company who has taken the samples for us to test. That is the T40_Analytical On the Table T50a_analytical_SAMPLES|id_sample which as a join table from T40_Analytical = ID_Analytical The T50a_analytical_SAMPLES|id_sample is where the samples are being tested all the hi lighted yellow ones are the types of test we have to do these are the
  6. Hello I hope all is well and everyone is safe I have a dilemma I hope someone could help me I have been trying to figure it out but with all the video watching and reading and searching I have no Joy I have a Table for Contacts Table for Analytical Table for Samples I have joined them witch all works fine but here is my dilemma On the data Entry Screen I have my samples on my portal to be tested and then I click the popover to test the sample and choose the correct method I have used for the sample result. As you can see on the screenshot one test is C
  7. Hello I know it's confusing These are the fields Morphology Fibre_Colour Pleochroism Birefringence Angle_of_Extinction Sign_of_Elongation Dispersion_Straining and this is the data in the fields "Curly Silky" "1:550" "White / Off White" "None" "Low" "Complete Parallel" "Slow / Positive" "Blue Purple / Magenta" So the Suggested_Material_Type above will be (cloth) and the Suggested_Material_Type below will be (leather) "Straight Sharp Glassy" "1:670" "Brown / Off White" "None" "Moderate" "Complete Parallel" "Slow / Positive" "Blue Purple" I have 8 types of Ma
  8. Hi I hope you don't mind me asking but if I wanted to select several fields to generate the answer ie: Morphology = "Curly Silky" ; Cargile_Liquid = "1:550" ; Fibre_Colour = "White / Off White" ; Pleochroism = "None" ; Birefringence = "Low" ; Angle_of_Extinction = "Complete Parallel" ; Sign_of_Elongation = "Slow / Positive" ; Dispersion_Straining = "Blue Purple / Magenta" ; So if I choose multiple fields like above how can I populate the field with (Cloth or Leather) I hope you don't mind me asking ?
  9. WOW thank you that worked perfect I cant believe that all the videos and reading I have done I couldn't work that out. Thank you very much
  10. Hello thank you for your responce The fields are in the same table I have been washing videos and reading up on the Case() function but I still cant get my head around it. 3 days now I thought I could understand but with no joy. How would I go about creating the function please. Thank you
  11. Hello I need help please I have 3 buttons the following set fields button 1) set field [T50a_Samples::Morphology ; "Curly Silky"] button 2) set field [T50a_Samples::Morphology ; "Straight Sharp Glassy"] button 3) set field [T50a_Samples::Morphology ; "Straight Wiry"] What ever the field is set too I am trying auto set another field 1) T50a_Samples::Suggested_Material_Type ; "Cloth" 2) T50a_Samples::Suggested_Material_Type ; "Fabric" 3) T50a_Samples::Suggested_Material_Type ; "Leather" I have been on this for 3 days now so any help would be grateful
  12. Hello Thank you for the information sorry its taken so long to reply back I had family commitments. I will be trying each one out I know the set variable but I don't know how to do the script parameter? I will try and get a small example file together tomorrow. I hope you don't mind. Kind Regards.
  13. Thank you Fitch that's what I was thinking but I want sure that when I do the set field option should I have the script to place a if statement if another button should be pressed I am not sure how to go about it with the script ??. So when I choose morphology there are 7 options if I set a each button with set field I will have 7 scripts I hoping I can do this with 1 script each option from the left, but I don't know how I would wright the script. Thank you again for replying to my question.
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