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  1. Hello Thank you for the information sorry its taken so long to reply back I had family commitments. I will be trying each one out I know the set variable but I don't know how to do the script parameter? I will try and get a small example file together tomorrow. I hope you don't mind. Kind Regards.
  2. Thank you Fitch that's what I was thinking but I want sure that when I do the set field option should I have the script to place a if statement if another button should be pressed I am not sure how to go about it with the script ??. So when I choose morphology there are 7 options if I set a each button with set field I will have 7 scripts I hoping I can do this with 1 script each option from the left, but I don't know how I would wright the script. Thank you again for replying to my question.
  3. Can anyone advise to put me in the right direction. I will try to explain what I am trying to do. I have attached a screenshot of a projects i'm trying to build as you can see from the image attached I have buttons they are in rows red gold yellow blue ect. if I choose the row morphology I would need to choose one of the option in the top row and so on until I reach the bottom. Each row I have created a table and a field I am trying to get it so that when I click on the buttons data will be entered into the field IE: if I do The Morphology Row the data entered on what button I have chosen. How would I go about this I am a bit new to this any help would be much appreciated. Thank You
  4. Hey All is there a possibility you have a template for this action as I am having the same problem. It would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello to all I have a come up to a brick wall I'm nor sure if this can be done but I will try to explain in detail. I am building a project database and ever project as a main ID I have set the ID's as the following: 2020.500 | 2020.501 | 2020.502 ect it increases by 1 the year will change every year on the 1st January to 2021 ect. Each project number will have samples attached to it but what I am trying to do is say the project ID is 2020.503 can I add a sample with the sample ID as 2020-503.01 2020-503.02 2020-503.04 and so on The number in red is the main project ID and the number in green will be each sample added to the project. I hope I have explained it easily for you to understand Thank you
  6. WOW thank you very much that worked a treat. Thank you for your help much appreciated.
  7. Hello Comment Im sorry I am a noobie I am still learning would you be so kind and show me the single Set Field Step please I would be so grateful.
  8. Hello bcooney Thank you but I figured it out at 4:30 this morning I attached a script trigger with the follow script if anyone else comes up with the same problem.
  9. Please can you help? I am trying to use a button to enter data into a field. I have a field name survey type I have three buttons survey 1, survey 2, survey 3, if I press survey 3 then I want that to be the data entered into the field. How can this be done any help would be grateful.
  10. I would like to say thank you to eos member on this woderfull site he completed my needs with a fast turn around very pleased with the outcome. Thanks eos
  11. extreme

    services wanted help with adding to database

    Hi All I am useing filemaker 12 starter estimate template I have made a couple of modifications not to big. I am looking for someone to add an Invoicing part of the database after reading loads of post I have tried for a few weeks but with no joy. I hope someone here to help Thank you
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