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  1. It isn't possible as far as I know... but it would be cool if it was possible . The only way I thought of doing it was loading an applet in a web viewer... but then there are probably a million problems with that . I've tried tracking the windows in filemaker and then rendering a frameless window over the top, but that also proved too complicated .
  2. I have emailed some log files to you. Thanks.
  3. It's been running all week without fault since I've changed the scheduled tasks to not overlap. I'll manually run a scheduled task after hours and get it to crash then send the log. I might reset the log first as it will be a hundred MB by then.
  4. I updated to the latest version a few days ago to see if that fixed the issue (and also updated the JRE version). So that log should have been from the latest version. The previous version I was using was 4_02. Updating the version didn't seem to make any difference. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, It helps when I look at the right log file . So the second scheduled task started at 18:50. The last log entry SyncFileOrFolder is from the first task that was running... which is where the log ends (Also where the fm server log ends) The 2 different tasks do completely different things in this case. 1 tasks is scanning the database and sending notification emails. The other task is checking folders on the filesystem are in sync. I get this one a lot! WARNING: pushContext called with function (com.prosc.beanshell.CompiledFunction@19836ed) when stack size is 1;
  6. Hi, Sorry there doesn't appear to be any logs. The only thing to note is that the last log entry is the schedule starting (Then a couple of superfluous script errors for a few seconds, "Go to Record/Request/Page"), then nothing. The process doesn't actually "crash", but goes to maximum CPU usage and stops responding. The only way to stop it is to end task. Is the Scriptmaster log under C:\360Plugin Logs ? There isn't anything listed in there since January. I can try to set up a simple example and see if it crashes and is reproducible. I might do that on a different filemaker ser
  7. Have you tried Filemaker 11 ?. Maybe it works properly in that. Or maybe try not invoking from the EDT, so run it from a new Thread? I dunno, I haven't solved it yet. I reckon what would be super cool too would be if you embed your JTree into a filemaker container rather than as a separate window...
  8. Hi, Running filemaker server advanced 10 with latest scriptmaster version. It is using a plugin I have generated from scriptmaster advanced. Windows version. I believe I am having an issue when 2 scheduled tasks are running on the server at the same time that both use functionality from the scriptmaster plugin. Basically the server CPU usage maxes out and the server stops responding. I need to kill the task and restart the filemaker server. First of all I thought it was the function I wrote, but it runs fine from a filemaker client machine. And besides should it really be able t
  9. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to update the scriptmaster version. I have 4.02 and wanted to update it to the latest 4.124 version. I downloaded it, but how do I get all my custom scripts over from the last version without re-entering all of them?. I couldn't find anything in the documentation, or am I missing something. Thanks! Ryan
  10. Hi, No I didn't solve it. I concluded that it wasn't designed for what I was trying to do there. I was using it to execute sql queries, so I ended up just querying the filemaker server directly using the jdbc driver. I've also had some other issues with threading and the fmpro object. So I figured I should use it in a "simpler" way . I call filemaker scripts from the java window by means of executing a temporarily created .fp7 file which then runs the script I want to run in filemaker. The only drawback is that it has a lot of recently opened files in filemaker . So I can g
  11. I'm going to move it onto a new box. So then I can disable the anti-virus and shadow copies and lock the system right down. Am I better off with a server operating system, say windows 2008, or is windows xp or windows 7 fine?. I'm not using web publishing, so I don't need IIS. I don't see the benefit of a server os if it doesn't use any of the server functionality of it!. But if FM server runs better on a server os then I'll organise that. Thanks for your guidance. I don't rememeber the installation guide say anything except that it isn't recommended to put it on a domain controller, and
  12. Hi, Thanks for the replies. The recover tool isn't very helpful in saying that the database is ok to use is it!, nor the consistency check very convincing! . I'll create a new file and copy everything over... that is going to take a lot of work ... but nonetheless it shouldn't have corrupted in the first place... and it has happened on 3 separate files. Filemaker server runs the backups on the databases, then the backups are copied daily by the backup system. It uses shadow copies so it shouldn't interfere with any database operation. I'll check the anti-virus to see if it is scannin
  13. Hi, I'm running filemaker server advanced 10 on a Windows Server 2003. I've applied the latest filemaker server updates available. I have a few imports from an Access Database that happen on an hourly basis. Probably about once a week I find the files that the scripts import to are corrupted and I need to run a recovery on them. The filemaker server just marks the database as closed and then refuses to open them. There are several scripts and several files. They don't all corrupt at the same time, it appears to be quite random. Other files are fine, it is only the files that are impo
  14. Thanks, They had sharing enabled, but I needed to create the same user and password in each database for it to work. I guess just like from within filemaker itself... makes sense when I think of it I guess the difference being the guest user wouldn't have had jdbc access.
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