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  1. Is it time to start using the built in container fields?
  2. Supercontainer was working perfectly on FMS 13 on windows 2012. I had followed the manual install in IIS Manager - URL Rewrite. I updated my filemaker 13 server to the new version, restarted the server and now I can't get supercontainer on the server to start. I have restarted IIS and it hasn't helped. Please assist.
  3. This feature works well to list all strings found in a text field. When I know exactly what I am looking for. Now I would like to list all data inbetween to values for example <type>this is type 1</type> <type>this is type 22</type> <type>this is type 34</type> What formula can I use to list the above where the type data will change? I want to see a full list of all types. I don't mind if the xml is in the result. Thanks
  4. I have the latest version of FTPeek (1.642) installed on windows with filemaker 12 and 13. Whenever I go to edit --> Preferences --> Plugins and try to enter the registration details, filemaker crashes. I was using an old version of java and have updated to the latest one. It still crashes on both Filemaker 12 and 13 on windows 8.1 The script steps also aren't working to save the registration details, however I do get a successful (1) result from the script Filemaker crashing periodically with the plugin installed. Please assist.
  5. Can anyone please tell me what this error means? I only get it when syncing from a mac, no issues on windows. ==2013-08-19 08:52:55 PM== Error from server: Unable to perform edit operation into node: Client node Sync_Lessons on jake's (Mac), java.io.IOException: Client did not accept the message queued for it after 120 seconds. Messages: [MessageToClient{command='update', tableName='Sync_Lessons', values.size=2}, MessageToClient{command='null', tableName='null', values.size=703}, MessageToClient{command='null', tableName='null', values.size=703}, MessageToClient{command='null', tableN
  6. Perfect, thank you very much, that was exactly what I was looking for.
  7. What does this error mean? (Software caused connection abort: socket write error) I receive it when trying to download a file I am using version 1.641 on windows server 2008
  8. Hi All, Is there a way to tell if the initial sync was completed successfully? The problem is, if a local copy of the file is not synced successfully on the opening script and the user goes ahead and makes changes to the file, when they do the first sync, all their data inserted in the local copy gets deleted. I would like to check if the local copy is synced, and if it is not synced with the server, than not allow the user to add data? Is this possible?
  9. It would normally, but would the same rule apply with mirrorsync? are the records only effected when a change is made or would mirrorsync somehow trigger the modstamp when it checks what records to update? Also the modstamp would change even if the record on the main file/server was updated. I want to be able to tell which records have been added and which have been updated from the local copy and then see what has been added and updated from the local copy and perform an action on the server. I want to be able to know which ipad updated what data and when.
  10. Hi There, I would like to know which records have been synced and then run functions based on the newly synced (updated) records. How could I accomplish this?
  11. Add a calculation text field, with the case statement case(province="provinceA";"serial1;province="provinceB";"serial2";etc etc
  12. Filemaker will delete everything except for the record being edited. Answer to your second question, only record in table A will be locked.
  13. Hi There, I am trying to automate a download of a text file that is sitting on an ftp site. The file has a file name which looks something like this "Filename_Date_Time_.csv" eg "Filename_20111107_155324_.csv" The problem is for ever new file there is a new time stamp and I am not able to automate the download as I never know the full name of my file. I have no problem scheduling the download from a file that I know the full name of. (the company I am doing the downloads from won't remove the time stamp from within the file name) What I am trying to do is download the file onl
  14. I found a solution by creating a new table with one field, each record represents a new line in the original field, then doing a .txt export of the found set and doing an ftpeek upload from the exported file instead of from the field.
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