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  1. The part that jumps out at me from this script is that you are using Get(DesktopPath) & "OrderExport" I would try using Get ( TemporaryPath) instead as the iOS devices don't have desktops (as far as I know). Otherwise I am not sure the reason to export to tab delimited file then re-import what appears to be the same data into different fields. I am sure there must be a reason, yet not relevant if the file path fixes your issue.
  2. If the Export File step uses a Get ( TemporaryPath) to create the variable $exportPath and the Import File step is in a different script you would either be passing this local variable from the Export script into the Import script (if they are running one after another, which I think not) or you would store $exportPath as a global variable $$exportPath to pick it up for the import script when that runs. It is a little difficult to assist without seeing more of what is going on. I hope this helps.
  3. You could try something like this. This is in an FM Go file to open images stored in containers. So I think the idea would be storing the path somewhere to open it later on your import. Cheers, Ben
  4. I am interested to see the outcome of this. Scenario 2 is where my mind went as I read Scenario 1 as I have Scenario 2 working in some multiple file separation models (Interface, Data, and Media files) I do recall having login issues when testing for web direct and have not gone further with it. Although I do know the simplest solution is to have the Interface file auto login to a default account then Put your Floor and Manager scripts only in the Data file. The data is what you want to protect and do not need data protection in the interface file. In fact it makes new updates of the int
  5. Hey Nik, I am so glad I could be of help. Perhaps I can contact you on some PHP help sometime.
  6. I don't know enough about PHP or curl to completely answer your question. However, I use RESTfm which is php and curl scripts that interact direct with a hosted FM Server database. RESTfm is under a open source license now. So I used RESTfm to interact with a license server file that can be updated by web purchases adding licenses, license seats, and other items. The vertical market software I put out does a quick license check via RESTfm to allow access into the software. So we are pushing and pulling data from the file. Some using FileMaker via RESTfm and PHP direct from our webpage. Hope
  7. Try exiting the field to see if it allows search then. It looks like the Agents field is possible selected.
  8. Yes, exactly what Wim has said. Once you are on 13v9 then server must be at 13v9 as well or you will not be able to access hosted files on the server. Same with FMP.
  9. I would check that the Accounts and Privilege have access to the required tables and layouts for this to execute. You can try the process in FM Advanced from the Go layout on the desktop logged in as one of the other non-admin privilege set accounts using script debugger and see what happens.
  10. You could do something like this: # First time log in as Demo If [ not RESOURCE::Demo_flag ] Set Field [ RESOURCE::Demo_flag ; 1 ] Set Field [ RESOURCE::Demo_End_TimeStamp ; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) + 864000 ] // 10 days for example Show Custom Dialog [ "Welcome to My Program" ] ; "You have 10 days to use this Demo. Enjoy exploring." Else If [ Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) >= RESOURCE::Demo_End_TimeStamp ] Show Custom Dialog [ "GAME OVER" ; "The Demo time has expired. Be a part of Changing the world by purchasing My Program Today...." If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1 ] Open URL [
  11. Hi Gary, One way to handle this is to use a separate mobile file that connects with a local connector file to your server where the host data file(s) are located. There are many ways to build a sync routine to synchronise the data that you wish and they can be fairly involved. I would recommend that you build the transfer in a Transaction so that the parent record with any related records posts completely to the server or not at all. You can build such a sync routine from Beverly Voths white paper the 'official Filemaker' paper on sync, and modify it to be inside a transaction. I also recom
  12. I have been using it successfully for years. Infact the original GoZync from SeedCode was using this same method as well. The sequence of operation and the fmp12 script steps must be correct. I use a local intermediary file that has references to my mobile file and to the Host if that file had opened my mobile file instead of my mobile file opening the local intermediary file then I will get that error. I would have to look at it further to give any more specific answers. Starting with the Colibri Solutions files it works you might try to use those files again to see if you can get that to
  13. I use a temporary or mobile Inv. No that is the Empl. No - Record No - Deployment No. The id is a numerical UUID not seen by the user. The record syncs with the server. The data file on the server uses a readable serial number that the admin user can set a new starting no. in preferences. An option I have considered is on the sync routine to simply replace the temporary mobile invoice no. with the Server InvoiceNo field thus another visual that the record has been synced, though we have a filed we set for this that shows conditional formatted "SENT" on the mobile invoice record.
  14. Does anyone know if there is a code3of9 extended bean ( code39ext ) available to use with this script master module?
  15. Hi all, I just was notified by The Support Group ( a filemaker support group ) that after the 11 v.4 upgrade FileMaker is good to go running Lion and that FileMaker Server 11 as well less web publishing with an update due in October. So I have installed Lion and now Filemaker Server is not hosting the files. So I try to open the Server java application and get this message. 'Unable to launch application' - I have not found anything on the web how to resolve this. Anyone else have any suggestions? with this exception listed : "CouldNotLoadArgumentException[ Coul
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