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  1. LaRetta, I appreciate this input so much! (I also appreciate your signature line!). I am totally self-taught on filemaker, and while I do have some things I'm really proud of figuring out, there are still many things I don't have a complete grasp on. If you have time could you elaborate more on a couple of your recommendations? 1. Regarding the Reviewer tables... are you saying that I could have multiple reviewers but use the same table? If I did that, would I have to make a field with the reviewer's name? (Not all the reviewers use fm, so some of them fill out their reviews of
  2. Well, I guess that would help out if you could see it Attached is the file. Use the login name Admin2, with no password. Thanks! Example Admin2.fp7.zip
  3. It works! Thanks so much!
  4. I truly appreciate your thoughts. As you'll be able to tell from the zip file, I work at a university, so I had to remove all the records from the database for privacy reasons. I also deleted all the report layouts, mostly because there are a ton of them and some are used, some are not, and I thought it would be easier to not confuse things with layouts that might be outdated. You have to log in using "guest." The layout is the main layout I use for each student, and you can see the number of fields and the tables I have so far. You might ask why some tables are related by stu
  5. I have a database that keeps growing larger and larger (the number of fields, not the number of records). I want to reorganize before things get out of hand, but I don't know if I should create related tables for different categories of information or if there is a better solution. The main content of my records comes from an outside source, which sends me an excel sheet with applicants for the program where I work. This is all demographic information and contact information. Next, I begin analyzing applicants, and marking the applicants in various ways, creating new fields
  6. Hello! Just one program in this instance. Accepted and denied applicants are in a field where they are labeled as "yes" or "no." Currently every applicant has been set to yes or no, but during the acceptance process they are left blank until we make a decision. Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks!
  7. I have a project where I'd like to create chart layouts that have multiple series. I know I need to add items to the y-axis and write a calculation, but I can't figure out how to write the calculation. Here is the situation: I have a group of applicants to a program (all applicants) Within this, I can search for the accepted applicants (accepted) and the applicants who were denied (denied) There is other information about each applicant in all of their records, for example, the state they're from. I want a bar chart where the x-axis is count of people and y-axis is thei
  8. bcooney, [color:red]Do you always reimburse the entire expense amount? Yes [color:red]Do you always reimburse a submitted expense? As long as the student is submitting receipts for expenses related to their research project, we'd be authorizing the scholarship for the full amount. If someone gave me a receipt for pizza, for example, I would not enter it into my system (and I'd send them an angry email about misappropriation of funds : [color:red]How do you submit expenses (at least what you designated as "Amount to Reimburse?" Do you need a form (with an ID) for each Studen
  9. Trying to clarify: In this situation expenses or purchases and disbursements are all debits from the original $5500 beginning amount. The student has $5500. He purchases a plane ticket (out of pocket) for $300. He confirms a hotel for $100 (out of pocket). He turns in those receipts to me. I need to keep up with A. What he has spent his money on (purchases) B. How much of his money has been spent (summary field) I also have to fill out the disbursement form so that he is reimbursed for the $400 he just spent. Since he turned in those two purchases, I would reimb
  10. Besides being able to summarize all the scholarships, it is equally important that I am able to take groups of the purchases and total those up as a separate disbursement. Attached is the scholarship authorization form, which I am required to use. I recreated the form in Filemaker and would want that total of purchases to be the number in the total stipend and the disbursements fields. The form also pulls out the student information (name,address,ID) from the honors student database table. This is what is causing me the issue. I can make the purchases add up, but then I coul
  11. Hi everyone... sorry for the confusion, by the different levels, I just meant that the students can be continuously using it so it's a different amount for each person at any given time, but they all start with $5500. (We do have another program where the students are awarded different amounts, but I'm not even going to get into that one right now!). To try to answer the questions: The way I have it set up is that a disbursement can contain multiple purchases. I was just grouping them in this way because I need to be able to pull out the groups (disbursements) into the scholars
  12. Thank you for responding! There is only one scholarship awarded to the student ($5,500). However, the student is awarded the scholarship in his/her first-year, but likely will not begin spending the money until his/her third or fourth year. Once the students start spending the money,they probably won't use the entire $5,500 at one time. Therefore, they will have multiple purchases. My original idea is to use a field I called "Disbursement Number" to sort the list for the scholarship authorizations (a separate layout), which are basically reimbursement requests for money that the s
  13. I work at a university and have a database with student information. Some of the students have different levels of scholarship awards that they use at different times in their collegiate career. The student information (name, demographic info, major, etc.) is in one table. I created a new table for the scholarship awards and linked it through the student's serial number in my database. All the award winners start out with an award amount ($5,500) that they can use whenever they are ready to work on their projects. I created a new layout with the student's information comin
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