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  1. Hi, Do I need to pay more to FileMaker for producing runtime solution in Filemaker Advanced 16? Thanks. KC
  2. Computer Science Degree

    Do I need a computer science degree to be hired by companies? I have graduated with a computer science diploma. Thanks. KC
  3. Point of Sale System

    I like to create a point of sale system. What is the best way to do credit card processing? Thanks.
  4. I use filemaker 11. I like to take each picture file and match it to the filename and insert the picture in a folder. My logic should be as followed: Loop for each picture in a folder, set the variable x as a picture filename. Search x(picture filename) Insert the picture file to the container End I have problem look to set variable and set it as a picture filename from a folder. Can anyone help me to look for the right function or command from filemaker 11. Thanks. KC
  5. Can all PHP functions and libraries works in Webdirect in filemaker server 11? KC
  6. All PHP functions and Webdirect

    Thank you for your reply. I am looking to integrate filemaker and prestashop so I can add, delete, or change items in filemaker to control prestashop. The following link say it can be done. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/32573-managing-prestashop-via-filemaker-pro/ Does anyone know the details of how they integrate together? Thanks. KC
  7. Hi, I have FileMaker 11 and I created a interface to pull data from my website's sql. I am able to change the name of a product, but I cannot change the price of the mysql table through the FM 11 interface. Is there something I miss doing? I am using odbc to connect. Thanks.
  8. I was pulling data from the wrong table. It should be ps_product_shop instead of ps_product if I want to search for price. Thanks.
  9. Invalid Table relationship

    The attached files the replicate of the file I have problem with. It works fine in the local computer when I search for product line name. However, in my server when I try to find product line name. It produces "...one or more of the relationships between these tables are invalid" Is it because of the files in the server? fmdata2.zip
  10. Invalid Table relationship

    Thank you for your reply. Yes. Server file is in the fm server. And don't worry the local server in product master. It was for testing locally.
  11. In my attachment, when I search for "Cutting tools" in the main table. It produces the following message. Is there a way I can get rid of this message. I think I know why because I got my product line through calculation of look up. "This operation cannot be performed because one or more of the relationships between these tables are invalid. " fmdata.fp7 fmdata.fp7 newfmdata.fp7
  12. FM Relationship Error Message

    Thank you for your reply.
  13. I only delete a record in portal by cmd - delete and it ends up deleting the entire table... How can I disable the delete hot key? KC
  14. Thanks. I've got it.
  15. How to create new row in portal without use of relationship? Kent
  16. If I have a field for my product number, for example, P001(text), and I like to set it as my primary key. Is it necessary to create another primary id (number) for internal use? KC
  17. Dear All, If I want to add a new record in the portal in Master and have a new record appear in related table b, how can I achieve it... Do I need to write a script for it? Many thanks for helping. I stuck for hours... Add Record.fp7
  18. Add record in related table

    Thank you for your reply. The master is the Purchase order and it has multiple products. Each product can appear in multiple purchase order, so I create invoice to links the two. My question is when I add a new product in the portal that is not in the product table, how can it appear in the product table instantly. Thank you so much for your reply. I am trying to create a purchase order program has has multiple products, and the product information draws from the product table.
  19. Add record in related table

    Thank you for your reply. I have 3 table: master, invoice, and product. In my master, it has a portal that link to invoice, and it has a field of product foreign key, and it links to the product primary key in the product table. My question is when I enter a new product number in the portal in master, how can the the product automatically create a new record. See attachment. Many thanks. Add Record.fp7
  20. I am newbie, When I check the box in product layout, how can it also show Sidemark picture from another table. Many thanks. KC checkbox.fp7
  21. Hi, How can I use Perform Find in script for finding single custom value from value list. It is in checkbox format. Many many thanks. Kent
  22. Thanks! I use filemaker 11 and I mistakenly thought "Perform "Find/Replace" replace "Perform Find". ^^
  23. Thank you so much for your reply. Attached is the file. I am trying to search for SideMark using script. Thanks. test.fmp12
  24. Alternate Row Colours

    Hi, I am a new in fm 13. I would like to alternate the row colour in the preview mode but somehow it's not working. Is there something I am missing? Stuck for hours to solve it.. I click body part in the layout section and choose the colour in the alternate under body in the inspector body and nothing changes. Let me know if I have missed anything. Thanks. KC test.fmp12
  25. Alternate Row Colours

    Thanks! I saw it.

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