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  1. Great point...thanks for the heads up! Mark and most importantly, for the advice!
  2. We were able to change the field type in our sales order layout to text and then pull from that field and that seems to be working so far. Mark
  3. So, here's what i just discovered....The issue is with the format of my import key which is our "sales order number" which in Filemaker is a created serial number field. If I switch the import key to a text field, like customers last name...the import works. Keep in mind, my skill level is minimal at this point... So, is there a way to put a copy the sales order number into another field that is formatted at text and then I could set that as my import key? Mark
  4. OK, I guess i'll pass this along to Fedex and see what format their database uses. Thanks Mark
  5. So, first of all I've done some searching and have seen some of the discussions regarding Fedex Ship Manager integration and I was wondering if anyone has successfully completed this? I know that NRG has a product and we are looking into that too... So, here's where I am... I've got the two systems connected and the fields are all mapped but when i go to do the lookup I get this error message. I was on the phone with Fedex for about an hour and they were no help. Can someone help point me in the right direction? Thanks Mark
  6. Should I look at changing the $$TempPath to a specific folder or something?
  7. I am having an issue that started when I upgraded from FM12 to FM13 (client and server) and I upgraded to OSX Maverick.  When I go to email a document I get this error message (see attachement)  I can restart Filemaker and it will work for a few emails and then it starts up again. I have several scripts that email various documents and it happens in all of them. Also, this happens on all the client machines, which are running FM13 and OSX Maverick.  I have attached a copy of a screenshot of the script that I am using.   Any help would be greatly appreicated.  Thanks
  8. Yes, That was the problem...I added the circles and then reuploaded the file to the server and it works fine now!! thanks again everyone.
  9. I got this to work, but I am having one issue. Whenever I close down Filemaker, the circle graphics are no longer in the layout. I have to add them back each time. IS there something that I am doing wrong? thanks Mhburris
  10. Thanks a ton, Lee. I think that I figured it out. I didnt have the global storage box checked on my circles!! You guys are the BEST
  11. I cant attach the file.  Let me ask this regarding the repeating container field.  I created the field (circles) and put in the number of repetitons I took a blank layout and added (circle) to that layout I then dragged the right color circle .gif to the correct repetition number. Everything looks good up to that point  Then when I try to go back to the layout with the circles, they are not there.  Am I missing something?
  12. Thanks for the help....  I am having a couple of issues getting this to work  I set up a "dummy" layout to insert the circle pictures in to the containers but the pictures dont stay. It seems like after each record I have to insert the pictures again.  I think that I got all the calcuations done properly in the ColoredCircle field, because I did get it to work on a couple of records but not all of them??   Not sure why it's working on all records??  any other thoughts?  Thanks  Mark
  13. I have a quick question.  We use a drop down menu to choose a certain color on a work order form. We them manually fill in a circle on the form with a marker to match the color on the order. Is there a way to either trigger a colored circle when a choice is made or to change the font color when the choice is made??  Any thoughts would be helpful...keep in mind that I am a bit of a newbie with Filemaker!  I have attached a screen shot for you to look at. The field with the term "dark grey" is the drop down box.  mhburris
  14. Thanks Bruce, I will take a look at the Invoice Template mhburris
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