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  1. JH Howland

    Send Mail will not allow two (2) attachments

    Thanks RW
  2. Filemaker Pro Adv 12 running under Windows 10. Trying to "Send Mail" with two (2) attachments. The specified attachment files are defined as $Path1 (from_map.png) and $Path2 (to_map.png). Both files are located at C:/Users/{user id}/AppData/Local/Temp/S<n>. The Specified files are entered as: $PATH1 $PATH2 However, when Send Mail is activated only $PATH1 is shown as an attachment. Can't seem to get past this problem, help please.
  3. I have several customers that utilize our MarinaPro Marina Dockage Management solution. All are running Windows 10 Pro 64Bit and Filemaker Pro 11.0v2. All the MarinaPro solutions are functioning well with exception to the one marina that is using an HP LaserJet Professional M1217nfw MFP printer. The printer has been named "HP LaserJet". The problem is that scripted reports will not print after an updated/revised solution is installed on the computer. However, a test page can be printed from the Windows default printer. Print scripts are utilized by more than one report and this sample is named - "Master Portrait Printer | Current Record | All | 1 |" and is formatted as: #Used by: Print Float Plan Form #Used by: Toggle Printer Mode #Portrait Orientation #Print: Current Record | Print Range All | Copies: 1 Print [Restore: HP LaserJet; No dialog] Filemaker Help states, "If you do not specify an output destination before saving the script or 'if the specified printer cannot be found' when the script executes, the 'output from the script step is sent to the user’s default' printer." It appears that the "specified" printer is not being found and the output from the script is "not" being sent to the user's default printer. However, if I "re-specify print options" and "Save" the script it will start working again. And now I am unclear whether it is actually finding the FMP "specified" printer or the Windows "default" printer. Any ideas why this occurs?
  4. JH Howland

    Windows 10 Mail "send event''

    Problem solved with your help. I am using a global field with a value list (Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Outlook Express) to select the wanted emailer for FMP 11, FMP 14 and FMP16 under Windows XP thru Windows 10. By setting "Mail" as the default emailer in the Edge browser, I have scripted 'Send Event ["aevt"; "odoc"; "mailto"]' for get "Mail" to open. Then another script element is "else if'd" for launching "Outlook" with 'Send Event ["aevt"; "odoc"; "outlook.exe"]'. And yet another "else if" for Gmail with 'Open URL [No dialog; "https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox"]'. However, this only wants to work for Filemaker 11 with "Compatibility" mode unchecked. Do not know why??? And one more "else if", for Windows XP hangers-on, for Outlook Express 'Send Event ["aevt"; "odoc"; "msimn.exe"]'.
  5. JH Howland

    Windows 10 Mail "send event''

    In Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 ( and 14 ), is it possible to launch the Windows 10 Mail program (WinMail.exe.mui) using the Filemaker "Send event" or some other approach?
  6. "Aw, Snap!" Ran the "test 3.fp7" file with the result above. Converted the test file to "test 3.fmp12" with FMP 14 Advanced. Ran "test 3.fmp12" under FMP 14 Advanced and all is well. Looks like something with regard to Windows 10 and FMP 11. Went under the hood of Filemaker Pro.exe (FMP11 Adv.) to check the "Compatibility" setting. It had Compatibility Mode set to "Windows 7". I unchecked the box to clear "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7. Re-ran "test 3.fp7" again under FMP 11 Advanced and now all is well. Go figure.
  7. Hey Josh (from a former East Rochester resident) Here is the setup Send Event ["aevt"; "odoc"; "Chrome.exe"] Send Event Options File Type: "<unknown>" Send the | open document/application | message Text: Chrome.exe Options X | Bring target application to foreground |
  8. Peculiar problem noted in Filemaker Pro 11 with regard to the "Send Event" scripting function and Windows 10. I want to be able to launch multiple browsers from within Filemaker using "Send Event". Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer launch just fine, but not Google Chrome. Chrome launches to a standard Google.com webpage and displays the "Aw, Snap!" message in the center of the screen with its associated icon. Any ideas as to how to get around this problem.
  9. JH Howland

    Problem with File Path Variables

    Yes, it does in FMP 16. No, in FMP 11 and 14 as Mr. Comment has pointed out. I have to admit to not understanding the FMP Help info. with regard to use of file paths with variables.
  10. JH Howland

    Problem with File Path Variables

    Thanks Fitch. I have tried that as well, but no happiness. Thank you Comment. To clarify further, I am in the process of converting an .fp7 solution (MarinaPro Marina Management solution with 18 relational db elements) to an .fmp12 solution. I am using FMP 14 advanced for this purpose. Are you saying that the "Examples of using variables in file paths" in FMP 11 and 14 Help are not able to be utilized within an "External Data Sources -> File Path List? If not, why are file path examples utilizing $variable and $$variable outlined in FMP 11 and 14 help. Obviously I am still missing something here.
  11. JH Howland

    Problem with File Path Variables

    Yes, I think to your question (Filemaker Pro "External Data Sources", then "File Path list" to enter a global variable for a directory name ($$marinaDir) that may be different on different computers as well as a variable for different users ($$winUser), not being discussed here. As stated I cannot get any $variable or $$variable to perform in a "File Path list".
  12. JH Howland

    Problem with File Path Variables

    Doesn't work, creates a File Path entry error. I can change the file path to: "filewin:$$marinaDir" ($$marinaDir = "/C:/MarinaPro v17/Marina.fmp12"), however it still does not launch "Marina.fmp12". File path will only work as "filewin:/C:/MarinaPro v17/Marina.fmp12". Variables in file path should work, but do not for reasons unknown. I cannot even get the Filemaker Help "Examples of using variables in file paths" to work.
  13. JH Howland

    Problem with File Path Variables

    Doesn't work, creates a File Path entry error. I can change the file path to: filewin:"/C:/" & $$marinaDir & "/Marina.fmp12", however it still does not launch "Marina.fmp12" ?
  14. I have created an "opener" file called "OpenMP" that is located on the Windows Desktop. Also, a global variable for the directory where the FMP14 files are located called "$$marinaDir" = "MarinaPro v17". When activated the launcher opens but does not open the target file using the following file path, "filewin:/C:/$$marinaDir/Marina.fmp12." However if I substitute with the following, "filewin:/C:/MarinaPro v17/Marina.fmp12"; all is good. The script elements follow: #Create variable... Set Variable [$$marinaDir; Value: "MarinaPro v17"] #Start MarinaPro... Open File ["Marina"] (Marina File Path: filewin:/C:/$$marinaDir/Marina.fmp12) What am I missing?
  15. In my opinion the FMP "Launch center" just destroys some more FMP user friendlyness. What could have been more friendly than being able to have the solution start file shortcut on the windows desktop. But Nooooo, from v14 on we must have a launch center whether we want it or not. What was wrong with FMP "Quick Start" and the option check box to "Show this screen when Filemaker Pro opens". How about adding a check box the the launcher to "Show this screen when Filemaker Pro opens". Or, how about a workaround to disable, bypass or delete the "Launch Center". Is this at all possible?

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