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  1. Thanks for your reply. The records are indeed checked with a server side FM script. I will check the logs, but I doubt that it attempts to make too many SMTP connections. Right now I'm in dev mode, and say when I create a record I let it send an email to notify that a record has been made.
  2. Hi, I have a server that sends notifications via SMTP when a record is updated, it works fine most of the time, but then again it also happens often that I get a connection refused error (while there is nothing wrong with the SMTP server) Any clues as to what's going on? Kind regards,
  3. Hi, I have a table with 2 fields (sales rep 1 and sales rep 1). Now what I want to do is when a sales rep logs in, he only sees his sales when he is listed as sales 1 OR sales 2. Now I noticed that in the script editor when you use a perform find / enter find mode and specify there that is shows Field Criteria a =d AND b =c so is there a way to work with an OR ?
  4. Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to have a server side script trigger (say I let users access via IWP , and one of them updates a record, then i want my server to send me an email notification.) Is this possible?
  5. I would personaly link a payment with an order, and not with a customer
  6. Hi, I'm working with filemaker pro and I would like to make a button that does a sendmail (on instant web publishing) , but I need some way to do and export to excel. Can I make a script on filemaker pro , that I can call from a web browser that sends mail with an exported excel?
  7. Hi, I'm working on a project where you need to select a few things and then press the ADD button (which has a commit trigger) to commit the record, however I noticed that users have a tendency to click somewhere in the layout , and then it will throw errors because you forgot to select something. Is there a way to turn off the "auto" commit when you just randomly click somewhere? Thanks
  8. Hello, Is there a proper way to get the container type field to work in the web interface of filemaker? Also, I've tried it with several files and it works peachy, however office files such as .doc / .xls have the tendancy to open inside of the box making them unreadable, when you right click you can open them properly, but I was wondering if there was a way around this? (a .msg file [office 2K10] open in outlook .. which is great) Thanks in advance !
  9. That was exactly what I was looking for, tx ! May I ask how you made it so that when I select a continent, I automaticaly get sent to the next box? I can't find a script in that database that does that! Thanks
  10. Hi, My current database links a person to an establishment , and the establishment links to the main company information. I am however trying to make it so that in my view of a person, when I create a record, that I have a list of companies which I can select, and upon selecting one, the establishments of that company are shown so that I can select that (and thus making the link between person > establishment > company) I am however unable to get the companies to shows when I add a pop up menu or sorts with a Unrelated table, however when I click it. Filemaker gives me an e
  11. Hello, I need to add some sort of mail functionality to a filemaker view, where I can freely enter a message. I seem to requite an "Edit Box" for this, but that is always coupled with a database field. Is there a way to add some sort of input box without a database coupling? Thanks in advance, kind regards, Maarten
  12. Hello, I'm a student and I'm new to filemaker, we have to make a script that runs (say at 00:00) and checks if there are any alerts that need to be sent. Is there a way to do it like a cronjob or some sort on filemaker (it will eventually run on a filemaker server) Kind regards, Maarten
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