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  1. No not really (told you im way over my head lol) Basicly what im trying to do is, tick a checkbox based on a count() number which counts the rows in a portal.. If the count() gives 5 it will check that box.. After that when all the check boxes are filled it will change the rank on another page.. Mayb your code helps but i couldnt make it work (new at programming). And also i think im doing it wrong, maybe i should learn about conditional values.. since all the values i have are custom ones Thank you for taking the time :
  2. Hello all First of all hello to all, new here and new to Filemaker (as you will understand lol) I would like to ask for an idea on how to make something to work and if its possible.. it might be a bit complicated (or atleast to me it is) Ok, here's my problem.. I have 3 tabs, on first tab i want to display a text field RANK1 (will get to this). On second tab i have a checkbox (Box1) of 5 values (Val1, Val2, Val3, Val4, Val5) and on 3th tab i have a portal in which i will write some things. What i want to do is, based on how many lines i have on portal to autocheck Val5. Also s
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