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  1. Don't plan on changing things behind her back..... Just wanted to know what we were getting into.....
  2. I don't know more; I'm the sysadm not the FMP programmer. As it's set up now, there's a script that finds duplicate nouns. I need it widened beyond exact duplicates to exact+suffix cases. I wanted to first understand the search before going to the programmer.
  3. Nope, you have it correct; I didn't find anything stating that a dash qualified as a word separator.
  4. Basic question.... Where do I find help on partial word searches? I've been ...searching.... for a good writeup on FMP search operators that cover this to little avail. I need a expression that will search, get to a character, and then ignore/wildcard from there. So a search on "Chicago" will return: Chicago Chicago-IL Chicago-001 and so forth.....
  5. I have an application with a FMS10 server under Tiger, multiple FM9/10 clients, & a remote MySQL/PHP/Ajax/Apache webserver. We need Filemaker 9 to make reports based on data from both FMS and MySQL tables. The FM programmer we use proposes to put an ODBC driver on one of the client machines, have it interrogate the MySQL server, and then build the reports only on that machine. I am wondering if it is possible to have FMS-10 instead do the connection to the MySQL, so that any client could read the data & create reports. But I'm clueless as to what server ODBC support really me
  6. I took have this issue, except I'm going FMS9->10. I don't see an uninstall option on the installed FMS9 applications; was it only on the DMG distribution? Isn't there a list of what FMS9 installed?
  7. MY FUBAR; I posted there initially before I realized it was a Legacy area. I could not see a way to delete it. And "FHP" is shorthand for "I can't type FMP without getting it wrong..." "scp" is the standard unix secure copy program. We use cron to create a new mysqldump file every night. We then scp it to offsite archives. I would like to find a utility that would read data from the dump and load it into FMP. Or is there is another unix utility that dumps mysql in a form that does FMP like? We've tried a CSV export with PHPMyAdmin, and that's not just hardly scriptable,
  8. I was asked why we don't use ESS approaches. If I understand correctly {always a dubious assumption...}, ESS is realtime, requiring FMP to be able to query the isolated MySQL server. That gets us into the ssh tunnel issue. Further, we would have to migrate from FMP 9 to 10. Is 10 even available{1}? Our FM programmer advised against 11 because "they changed the user interface and your users will get freaked.." [Likely true. Besides, we have multiple Mac PPC users, and I think 11 is Intel-only.] Plus there's the speed issue; she has told us the ODBC will be slow; will ESS be f
  9. FMP 9 on OSX We have a situation where a FreeBSD-based MySQL 5 system generates data; we would like to then import that data into a FMP system. Now, we've read of the ODBC route, but for security reasons, the MySQL host will not accept queries from outside; we would need to tunnel over SSH or similar. We do cron a nightly mysql dump. We could easily scp that file to the FHP host system. Is there any tool to read the data in such a mysql dump, and import it into the FHP system? Or another {unix-based, as the MySQL is..} tool that reads the MySQL and creates a file that FMP ca
  10. I believe I have this fixed. First, you CAN use the XP Virtual Machine approach, but it has hassles, inc. you cannot drag & drop between the W7 and XP desktops. I succeeded in getting the simpler Compatibility Mode under W7 working. Install FMP9, patch it up to date, and then go into its directory, off of programs(x86), and on every exe, right-click, Properties, Compatability Mode, set XP mode. FMP9 then found the server at its IP address with no problems.
  11. The server is on a static IP. It's working with multiple clients, and the server & clients are all patched. All was happy, old installs & new. But then, she got a new machine with Win7, not XP. [We eschewed Vista, thank goodness....] I installed and patched from the same FMP9 distribution as all Windoze boxes have gotten. When I go to the server IP (Open Remote), I see no files. I can telnet to the server IP on port 5003.
  12. I have the same problem. FMP9 now on Win7, can't see any FMS9 databases. Yesterday, I went and right-clicked the FMP icon & set properties to "run under xxx" compatibility mode; but neither XP or Vista mode made any difference.
  13. But I neither need nor want Bonjour. Bonjour is to discover a server, a printer, etc. I know exactly where FMS is: 192.168.1.x; what I need is for FMP9, not just telnet and other apps, to talk with it.
  14. Sigh; Today I tried setting the compatibility mode of the FMP executable to XP and Vista of various ilks; none helped me to connect to the Server. I figured out how to get telnet enabled; telnet'ed to 5003, and got a response. So it's not connectivity.
  15. Oh bother Looks like it is Windoze 64 related. Windows 7 compatibility
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