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  1. I want to paste say 4 pages into a layout/report but I cannot seem to format it to print 4 pages with page breaks. I need help on this!
  2. Is there anyway of dropping the whole Contract of Employment into a report layout and inserting the merge fields then printing off the 10 pages?
  3. I have a contract of employment which runs to 10 pages. I am trying to create a layout report for all of these pages and am having difficulty in inserting the whole COE and page breaks so I can print all of these pages off and also merge some of the data like name, address, date employee started, etc. Can you do a report for 10 pages in Filemaker and merge some fields? I can show you the database and COE if that would help someone who can help me. Thanks for your help in advance and I hope my explanation is OK.
  4. Hi Jbante Thanks for that works a treat.
  5. New to Filemaker so please apologise if this is a simple question. I have a text box for hourly rate so before after I enter the wage say 6.19 I need it to return £6.19 The £ needs to be inserted automatically. Thanks for your help
  6. I am new to Filemaker and have a question on a formula/script that I cannot seem to do myself. In the UK we have Bank Sort Codes as: 20 - 45 - 99 I need to input 204599 then it automatically inserts the dashes for me so the result is 20 - 45 - 99 Hope someone can help.
  7. I need a function or script so that the date box goes red or there is a popup that says that my domain expires in 14 days. Easy explanation would be helpful as I am new to Filemaker. Thanks
  8. Is that in the "formula is" line and what would I put is ? Sorry for asking but I am not very good with this
  9. I need help with the above function. I have a database with companies. In the date box for when the accounts are due say 01/01/2013 - If the date goes past this date then I want the box to change to red. Example when the date goes to 02/01/2013 then the boxes turns red. Hope someone can help as I am new to filemaker. I am using Filemaker 10. Thanks for any help.
  10. A little background to my question - I live in the UK so half of my contacts and therefore telephone numbers use the STD code for the UK which could be 0207/0208/0161/ etc. All my local codes start with just one "0" Whereas the International codes have two zeros "00". So is their a script that would insert +248 into the field then the rest of the number instead of the "00" and when it comes to the UK telephone numbers just being one "0" then leave the field as I have inputted. Example 01604 123 4567 Hope someone can help as I cannot work out how to do this. Sorry if I
  11. Hi there I just need this to be "The quick fox is an fbi agent" So just to clarify "T" needs to best in capitals and rest can be lowercase. Hope I have explained OK.
  12. Hi thanks for that. That gives me the uppercase for all words. e.g. The Quick Brown I need: The quick brown Thanks
  13. Hi There I need to know how to make the first letter of the 1st word that I input to be capitalized. I feel as I should know the answer to this but my mind is blank. Hope someone can help. Thanks
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