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  1. We are a small nonprofit that has been happily using a homespun FM database to manage our members and fundraising for years. We are now also using a email blast service for email marketing. But we feel like we are missing out because our fundraising info doesn't play nice and talk with the wealth of info generated by our email blast service. Does anyone make anything that would make it relatively easy to pull down info from the email blast service into our FM database and vicea versa? I'm pretty good at FM scripting, and our email blast service (which happens to be www.icontact.com) has an API, but the API is jibberish to me. I would be happy to change to a different blast service if there was a tool to link it to my FM (but I haven't been able to find such a service). Hard for me to believe that there aren't hundreds of other people out there with this same problem. Thanks for any help you can offer!
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