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  1. Hi All, anybody knows if there's around a plugging that can convert a Wav file (in a container) to mp3? I've got script master and i did it some times, but is critical with lame on terminal osx. every time is not really useful, some times it works sometimes not (e.g. after 4 conversion, it stop and not work anymore, also closing, reopen etc.) btw, do u know something better to make this? best regards, Corrado
  2. Hi all, i've got a portal with a correlated container field, containing mp3s. Seems FM not seems able to play the multimedia file, i can see only the name of the file in the container. is it possible to playback the audio in the container? any suggest is appreciate. best regards Corrado
  3. Hi all, is anybody able to use a different path in FMS 13? I tried to use an external drive to put a container field content, but it's not working. this is the path, but i can't validate it. filemac:/Volumes/Tam Tam Drive Sounds/TTS_Catalogue/ how it works? seems to be too strange for a "new feature server" claimed. regards
  4. Hi folks! is anybody know how to change the default server path container files to use, as example, in a different drive to store container field files instead FM data server folder, ready to be published on the web? seems tedious to duplicate all the files to be used on web-server, is it so strange?
  5. Hi David, here i moved to lion, but seems not working with a library (eyeD3) that i used to tag my mp3. on terminal it work perfect, but not thru FMP advanced, here the console messages received: 04/03/12 16:29:28,270 [0x0-0x4b04b].com.filemaker.client.advanced: 4-mar-2012 16.29.28 com.prosc.fmkit.Plugin setLastError 04/03/12 16:29:28,270 [0x0-0x4b04b].com.filemaker.client.advanced: GRAVE: PluginFunction com.prosc.beanshell.CompiledFunction@16921fd got an error with converted args [/usr/local/bin/eyeD3 -2 -a caz -t frango '/ITF110700008_Frango_Assado.mp3', true, 3000] 04/03/12 16
  6. hi all, i'm trying to use a script used on snow leopard (work perfectly), now i moved on lion (osx 10.7), but seems the "&&" used on the script to concatenate 2 different commands, report me an error. like this: $cmdlame" && "$cmdeyed3 something changed?
  7. i try , before was 30 seconds with no success. now i tried with 300, same.
  8. ok but I'm not able to export script as file, i can attach a png, if can help.
  9. i sent you a report bug with error log, hope can help. do you need the script?
  10. Hi guys, today I've got a new issue with script master. I make a plugin for my solution with script master for run shellscript. i tried also with script master and no plugin, but make no differences. On a mac pro running 10.6.8 is ok, but on my macbook pro (10.7.1), i receive random error when i send the same script to shell. Always in different point of the script, with errors, on debug or normal use. e.g. invoking which command or else. is it compatible on lion? Generally i send a command like this run shellscript($variable; "true";30) could be correct? have you got something t
  11. Thank you David, it's a workaround to solve problem. (e.g. a` instead à or else) btw in run shellscript function, using eyeD3 (pyton lib) remain problem i can't pass to shell some characters generally included in latin, (in terminal it works perfect, of course) thank you anyway best Corrado :hmm:
  12. could be because scriptmaster can send only utf-8 characters?
  13. Hi Clemhoff, Finally it work, except for accented characters, in scriptmaster i receive an error if there's an accented character (eg: à or else) and eyeD3 it would not write to file. here, a variable as example (in red the accented in title), it work perfectly in terminal but won't work in FM: /usr/local/bin/lame -cpb 320 '/Volumes/xxx/Qualcosa dovra mastering/Final Master/qualcosa_dovra_pur_succedere_f3.wav' '/Volumes/xxx/Desktop/ITF111100025_Qualcosa dovrà pur succedere.mp3' && /usr/local/bin/eyed3 -2 --set-encoding "utf16-BE" -t "Qualcosa dovrà pur succedere" --artist
  14. oops.. i thought it was in this machine..i try immediately
  15. uhmm i tried to install, but after ./config make is a command not found from terminal during config i receive a warning "Makefile.in seems to ignore the --datarootdir setting" ...
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