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  1. Hi Vaughan, Apologies - this is now a new issue. We have a CRM DB with a drop down list of account managers. The DataEntry group cannot click this list. I have Value Lists set on All Modifiable. Yet, when they click for the drop down it won't let them.
  2. Hi guys, Ok, I am back after a break and still having some issues I need help with. My FileMaker - DataEntry group cannot select values from a drop down list. I have made all lists modifiable. They are getting the correct authentication group, but still no luck. Any ideas?
  3. Hi Ted, I put your button recommendation on and my Data Entry group get a '?'! I did create my own Privilege set so I can edit the priv set. Another random question I have is what is the time relation between changes on FM Server to client pushes and sync's with AD?
  4. Hi guys, OK, i found the issue - critically, the users had not told me there was a 3rd DB in the chain. And my error was that the buttons setting was on that DB was minimal - and for some reason paste would not work. It works now. Thanks again. @Ted: That video was awesome! Better than VTC - thanks so much! @Vaughan: DUH! - School boy error - I'll remember to test that way.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys, Share removed No domain users on the local machine or local admins, etc I have 3 AD OUs: FileMaker Read-Only FileMaker DataEntry FileMaker Administrators I also have a legacy group: FileMaker Users But this is definitely not on any of the DBs I have reversed my auth order from least to most to have highest privilege first. I am sure it is something small....but I keep missing (That's what she said!! : I have not figured out the button yet, but the symptom is still: Can copy from DB1, but cannot paste into DB2
  6. Hi Vaughan, Yep, hosted by the FM server. The Database drive is also shared though. Would this affect the FM permissions?
  7. Ted, Once again thanks. yes, U se External Server and have OIU's within AD. I did reverse the auth order, but it made no change. I also double schedked that the user was only in one Filemaker OU. I confirmed the if you have edit and Export privileges you should be able to copy and paste data, but no getting any joy. I have no experience with Filemaker design so I will attempt the button you described, but it will take some time. For now I 'cheated' and moved one user into the Filemaker Admin group and she can continue. Give me a few days and I'll be back! :
  8. Thanks Ted, I changed the script to Exec Only. My autentication order is ReadOnly>DataEntry>Admin>FMAdmin. At this point no one is the the ReadOnly group. We are 'weening' users off All Access. I may be a bit out of my depth on your last recommendation. I am very new to FM. I have a dev DB so I'll see if I can 'break' that. I went to Manage>Layout>Edit>Script Triggers, checked 'OnRecordLoad'. I created a new script call CustDiag and .... That is where I get lost... Thanks again for your time...
  9. Hi guys, Ok - thanks once again for all your help. The groups are working fine. My only issue is that copy and paste from from text text field and to another is not working. I have attached a screen shot og the privilege set. Cheers Ivor
  10. Thanks Ted and Steven, that did it. My Read Only AD group works. Now, to complicate the access to the various DB's. :
  11. Hi Thanks for the reply. No luck I'm afraid. I move the test user to the Admin group and it worked immediately. My Privilege Set have Data Access and Design set to View only and scripts to executable only. I attached a screenshot of that. IS there an error there?
  12. Hi guys, OK, I have read through most of the dox and this post and still have an issue. My File Maker Admin group works fine, but I created another group for Read Only (we are in the process of lockdown) and it will not work at all. I am unable to login to the DB I was working on. Account is FileMaker Read-Only and exact same name is the AD OU, in the same AD branch as the FileMaker Administrators, it is the first Account/Privilege set in the authentication order. I get a login prompt when trying to access the DB and this error in the event log: Client "Company Name (Computer N
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