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  1. Anyone having any information about using the iPad Pro to make FMP apps like on a laptop ? iPad Pro is supposed to have all advantages of a laptop and all advantages of a tablet. Any lead will be very much appreciated
  2. Did you had any information about using the iPad Pro to make FMP apps like on a laptop ?

    Any lead will be very much appreciated

    1. Lee Smith

      Lee Smith

      No, not currently.

      However, there is suppose to be something changing with this when they release the new OS 10 later this year.

      I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but there was something mentioned about this on the WWDC on June 13. It's posted to Apple’s site.


      BTW, you should ask your question on the Open FM Forums. I would have posted this topic in the iPad topic area http://fmforums.com/forum/148-filemaker-go-for-iphone-ipad/ or the Member’s Lounge http://fmforums.com/forum/70-member-lounge/

    2. Capt JB

      Capt JB

      Thanks a lot.

      and published on iPad-iPhone topic area



  3. Thanks a lot works great, keep it simple .... is the rule. Regards
  4. Guys, I am trying to set a search based on the year of a date; full basic no problem. I am trying to make this work with ExecuteSearch script step, and I cannot having it work. How can I make it work as I want to use Year ( Get (Current Date) ). I tried with operadors =, ##, "", etc, without result, shame on me..!!! Any help will be appreciated Regards
  5. Many thanks, How simple it is ... but how stupid I am...
  6. My own reply to it... Dude. I used List function and it works, but any trick to make the list text coma separated will be very helpful. Sample: "Sanitario, Luz, Agua" TIA
  7. Hi, I have a repeating text field listing services. I need to make a report with all the values set in the repeating field. So, the calculate field will be a text field with coma seperated values. I tried several way without result, any help will be very much appreciated
  8. Hi, Thanks for the answer. What I have is a portal where students of a course show up. I have a button in the portal row with a script that lead me to a new window showing the diploma of the course in preview mode. THE problem is that when I click the button everything works fine, until I go to print and save the diploma page as PDF. If I select the whole set of students it works fine and give me a PDF with all diplomas one in each page. If I click on the button in the FIRST row of the portal, I print and save as PDF perfectly, BUT when I click the second, third, etc. I the PDF saving works
  9. I am having the same problem, I have a student for which I made a diploma for the training completed. Of course one training has several students, and I have a student table and a training table related by TrainingID and StudentID. I have a button in the portal row with attached script step go to related record (all bells and whistles included..) the diploma is to be save as PDF to be sent by email. The problem I have is the first record is always the selected record and the PDF saving works perfect saving the whole set as a PDF - all pages in the same document. Otherwise I have to select
  10. Thanks, This is a good lead, and I am already taking care of your your advise on poor performance. regards
  11. Hi, I have researched but did not find, so I would say I am not good at searching.. I have a database with several tables, and each table presented in a Tab. When I have a note I made a new window open with only the note field to be filled. Everything works good but the layout with the tabs returns systematically to the first tab when the note is in the fifth tab for example. I tried to set freeze window in the open script for the note window, but it did not work. What can I do to have the tab return to the original tab I was in when I close the note window. Any help will be app
  12. I do have the ID relationship. I ´ll bet this will work. Thanks as I was near by but missed the point. Thanks
  13. Hi, I am a beginner here and I really fill it.!! I have a table of events with a related table of requirements. I can have requirements from 0 up to any number as required In the table of events I have a calculated field (result is a container) which has there options "approved" "pending" "failed". The 3 icons comes from preference table and are global fields. The failed situation is based on the event creation date (entry field) + 30 days condition. the pending situation is based on the related requirement existing - if no related requirement exist the situation is Approved. The appr
  14. Thanks I am going to work on that, let see..
  15. Sorry, French speaking spanish 24/24, I feel loosing my English. Ok, as I said , I know it is not possible to get the name of a button in a script to use it. I was wondering if I could get instead any text from the "information button label", the text that shows up when you keep the cursor on the button itself. I am looking for any trick to get that text and use it in a script (if it exist). Let say I write in that information label "john", and I have a table with a record "john". So when I click the button it open windows with john record datas. Now, I know how to do it, but I have to m
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