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  1. Does anybody have an updated version of this, for use with Yosemite and Filemaker Pro 11. Many thanks Adam
  2. Anyone able to offer any advice on this? Many thanks Adam
  3. Hi all I've edited a wonderful example, previously shared by @comment It basically has a list of orders which shows the date the order was made and the price (£) of the order. If you head to the "Chart" Layout, it shows the number of orders by a certain month, and the value (£) of the orders. Can somebody please how I add a total for each year, so this would show Total Revenue and Total number of orders for each year? Any help massively appreciated. Cheers Adam For some reason it won't let me upload my sample file, but you can access it here: https://www.dropbox.co
  4. Also, how would you edit ChartByMonth.fp7 to show the count of how many transactions per month? Thanks
  5. Hi How would you edit this to report by year, rather than month? Thanks Adam
  6. Hi all I have a db setup that has a certain area for booking appointments. I want to be able to click a button that creates a new event in iCal, using the following fields in my database: Date of event Start time Finish time Client name (would become event name) Payment type (would be inserted into the notes section) Venue (venue) Is there any possible way to do this? Many thanks!
  7. Hi Lee Thanks for your response. Is there anyway that in my table, I can create three new fields, and each field then grabs part of the date. So one part grabs the date, one the month, one the year? Alternatively, I guess I could just change the field from a date field to a text field....
  8. Hi all I have a calculation field that includes a date field within it: & INV::EventDate & However, how can I format this in the calculation field so that it display as DD-MM-YY rather than the default american format of MM/DD/YY Many thanks for your help in advance!
  9. Hi all Is there any easy way to add an event into iCal, via my Filemaker DB? I have fields: Eventdate Start time Finish time I would then also like to add some other fields into the notes section. Look forward to any advice... Thanks Adam
  10. Thank you! Is there anyway to have the email attach both the PDF that the "Email INV pdf" script does, and another standard PDF with terms of order? This is a standard PDF, that won't change and will be the same for every record. Thanks Adam
  11. This is a great example file. Is there anyway to have the email attach both the PDF that the "Email INV pdf" script does, and another standard PDF with terms of order, that will not change for each record? Thanks Adam
  12. ok, so I've added a new field, which is a calculation, which contains lots of my fields. I've then inserted this field into the layout. However, all it displays a strange 9 digit number. However, when I click on this text box, I see my full text, with all the fields inserted correctly. Any ideas? Thanks EDIT: fixed it - it was because my calculation result was a number -)
  13. @bcooney thank you so much for your assistance and help. This is just the sort of thing I'm looking for. However, rather than an invoice, I'm wanting to put together more of a confirmation letter. Is there anyway on a form to include both standard text and field values. For example, a paragraph may read something like: Thank you for your booking on *eventdate* at *venue*. Any advise on best way to do this? Thanks again. A
  14. guys thanks for your help. Sorry for the questions, but I'm fairly new to developing in FM. This is what I now have: A layout which collects booking information. I then want to have a button which puts all of this into a PDF. This PDF will be formatted like a letter, then automatically attached to a new email, addressed to the email address I collect in the original layout, with a customized text on the email. How do I setup the PDF. Do I need to do a new layout? Is there a way to then do the above? Thanks Adam
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