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  1. I have a value list with 4 names and I would like to do a report that just shows 2 of the names. Can I not just do a script that tells me to find Name 1 and Name 2? Everything I try fails and I cannot find anything on-line for this. Any help appreciated. I tried ="name1", "name2" ="name1" "name2" ="name1" or "name2" ="name1"..."name2" Thanks in advance, The Missing Man
  2. Would using set parameters be helpful with what I want to do or no?
  3. Yes the radio button field is used to narrow down the estimates. So by making this a global field I can make my selection as to which estimates I want and then I copy them to my quote for reference? Is this what your suggesting?
  4. I was mixing two tables into one. By creating the Product table it solved my problem. Thanks, EOS
  5. OK, I will do my best to explain. First I am working in the latest Filemaker Advance 13 (I updated my profile) Background Info: I want to create vendor estimates that I can review from in order to create a quote on a project. • Three to Six vendor estimates may be needed to be linked to a quote. • Sometimes a project might have two or three quotes before one gets approved, due to spec changes. • To save time that same quote might be used for a different project since the requirements are the same. MY SOLUTION My estimates are made up of 3 tables: Vendors, VenProd_lineitems, Produ
  6. Set Field won't work. I tried it inside the loop and without a loop?? Why not use clear if it does the job?
  7. Clear within a loop did the job. It cleared all radio buttons so each time I can start fresh.
  8. Should I be using a clear and create a loop to go through all records to achieve my desired results?
  9. I have a series of records that at the start of each session I need the radio buttons to be ideally blank so I start with a clear slate. But from what I understand this cannot be done so I have decided to go with the option choice of including a CLEAR option in my radio button options. The options would now read as follows: 1 2 3 4 5 6 CLEAR I created a script Go to Field [ lineitem::selected] Replace Field Contents [lineitem::selected [lineitem::selected="CLEAR"]] First everytime I try and run the script my calculation of lineitem::selected="CLEAR" has to be re-entered. Second I ge
  10. I will try and explain better because I cannot post anything due to my file being just on a local server. Please ignore previous email and follow this. My goal was to create a backlog of records based on table "j_VenEst_ line items” from which I review in a portal found in a record from my “Estimate” table. The records from table "j_VenEst_ line items” needs to be able to be referenced two ways: 1. By field “Company_vendor” found in the table occurrence “company_Vendors” (which works fine) 2. My challenge is figuring out how to get it to work in the table “Estimate” as a portal. I
  11. Table : Vendor (parent key) Table: Estimate_line Item (Foreign keys) Table: Estimate (parent key) I need to see my available estimate line items including the vendor name who provided the line item on a master estimate layout. My portal for vendor and estimate line items works fine. I can see all line items related to a particular vendor in a portal on my vendor layout. Now I want to show a portal in Estimate of all my estimate line items and include the vendor who is related to them based on the Estimate line item topic. So all "toy cars" estimates would be together and can then
  12. I have a master portal that lists an abundant of information. I then want to, based on that master portal, make a selection and transfer or link info into another layout. This same information from the master portal will get used in a variety of different records. Also the information that is transferred or linked to may change Can someone offer the best direction to tackle this as I am not sure how to get there. Looking just to be pointed in the right direction.
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