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  1. For about 12 years, we've had a FileMaker database import external data from a .mdb (Access) database that has data that is downloaded from some equipment. The process has survived several computer upgrades (Windows XP and Windows 7) and FileMaker version upgrades (created in 7 and currently running in 16). It broke when we moved into the Windows 10 environment. The script is set up to retrieve the data from the .mdb file and it says it can't access the file. So when I dive into the script and try to specify the ODBC connection it now asks for a username and password. We've never had a u
  2. FileMaker Noob here. I need to create a customer call list from a couple tables in my filemaker db. I have my main customer information table which has all land owners and tenants in it. The way our customer billing system is set up, a piece of property has a location number but can have two different accounts tied to it. So, my table includes that location number, but can have 2 records under with that same number. I have another table that I create records in from a .csv file that is exported from another system in the company. It exports that location number. I import that .csv into
  3. I'm not completely familiar with Filemaker Go and I can't find anything in the program that gives me this answer or ability. What I need to do is get rid of old servers listed that no longer host files, and also clear the list of files that were recently opened. What happened is we have been implementing a domain controller and a new file server and our FM Server got moved twice and so I show my files being listed on 3 servers now. If I could clear those lists, then I would only show the servers that actually host and only show those files on one server. Thanks!
  4. reichwald114, Thank you so very much! I never thought of it validation as being an error when it found a problem. I turned Error Capture off and voila...it works! =) Thanks for shooting ideas at me!
  5. Well, the "lose their place" comment is just a reference to the illiteracy of the people that will be using it. That is in by no means a bash on them, its just a fact that most of them are not good with computers, and I don't want to have to make them search through a screen full of records just to see which one they have selected. FileMaker does a bad job of highlighting records in my opinion. It shows a tiny little black line on the left side of the first field in the record. Not very useful unless you know what you're looking for. As far as validating that field, what are my other
  6. Well, I'm sure it isn't because I have my unique field set that on commit, it checks to make sure that is a unique value and then it tells me if it isn't. Also, when I set up the field properties to run a script trigger when i leave that field and go to the next it works then too, but when I activate this Custom Dialog box, then it stops working until I actually click out of the record, and then it commits and pops up the duplicate notification. Also, it doesn't do the sort until I click out of the record either, so its like its not finishing that script. But I'm not sure what to look f
  7. I have a database set up to log Disconnected Accounts (I work for an electric coop). I'm trying to make it fool proof for my users as most of them are not very computer savvy! I have a New Record button running the following script: Set Error Capture [On] New Record/Request Show Custom Dialog [blah blah] If [Get (LastMessageChoice) = 2] Delete Records/Requests [] End If Commit Records/Requests [] Perform Script ["Sort Records"] My custom dialog box works fine. It pops up with the 3 fields that I want entered and if I hit cancel, it deletes that record or if I hit
  8. Excellent. I think I was actually figuring that out and remembering that, but I guess sometimes it helps to type it out and then that helps my brain to start thinking in the right direction again. Much appreciated!!
  9. I am utilizing the FM Logins. I have that all set up and working. I also have the sharing thing figured out. I just want an option at the login prompt to allow them to click a "Read Me" file. Maybe it would be better for me to design just a separate layout that has a container field with the Read Me and then some buttons to let them go where they need? Then this would be the first screen they see after they log in?
  10. Howdy. I'm a newbie when it comes to FileMaker developing. I do know enough to build myself some simple and useful databases that I know how to run, but I struggle in making them more usable for other people in the office. What I have is a simple database that allows several of us in the office to add customer accounts that are disconnected. (I work for an electric company) I have it set up to add, edit or delete records and then if the record is in there, they can check a box that it is reconnected and then later, i can go in and run a script to remove all connected accounts. What I woul
  11. Excellent! I was making this way to complicated! I did an Omit Records with KWH criteria set to * and it gave me all the records that didn't have my KWH readings. I added a constrain found set and set it to search only that book and voila, I have my list specific to the book and no reads! Thanks for your help!
  12. Ok, I guess when I start typing this stuff, my mind frees up a little and I start thinking clearly again. I figured out my problem. The ones that don't have a reading don't have a record in the other table, therefore there is no way for it to search. I think what I need to do is load all possible meters into that table, and then just do an update script to load the readings in and then I can do a search for the blank fields because the record will be there. Thanks for helping me get the wheels turning.
  13. What you have detailed is exactly what I tried. I try the basic search and I get the little box that says, No records match this criteria. Something I just thought of...what if those fields show nothing, but had a space(s) in them? Would that disqualify them as blank fields? They are numbers stored in a text field because when I import them as numbers, they are all messed up. Also, I just tried this and i'm editing this reply. In the view that I posted in my image, I can click on any field with something in it and edit that field, but when I try to click on a blank field, I can't add
  14. I am creating a database that uploads our automated meter readings and then I want to display on a layout all of the accounts that the reading did not come through on. On my attached image, I show a field labeled KWH. This is the meter reading. I'm trying to build a script that searches for all records that are in the book BB1 and where the KWH field is blank. The KWH field is a record from a related table. Anytime I put the find in for the KWH field and run the script, I get 0 out of 101 records found. I know I'm missing something, but I'm a FileMaker newbie and I'm stuck at this point.
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