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  1. May be you made wrong insertion query or given wrong file path. Are you getting any error?
  2. why don't you make two different fields? One for first name and other for last name rather than single name field. It will also make your queries simple.
  3. Conditional formatting is the best option as i have used many times and it really helpful even in future.
  4. Thanks Lee. That was really informative link.
  5. Can you explain little more about this plugin??
  6. Thanks for the useful code posting. Though my problem was not exact same but i got the solution of my problem from this. so thanks guys
  7. Just check out the manual. You will get the proper steps.
  8. So finally what is the scene?? Have you got the solution?? If yes then just close this thread and if not then tell us your problem.
  9. Strange error. I have never heard about it this before. Have you made any changes in any of FM file by mistake or accidently??
  10. Yes this is possible. Just make 3 different controls with 3 different authorization as per your requirement.
  11. That is might be because of your firewall setting in IE. Just change the firewall settings and enable cookies.
  12. Can you share code here?? So I can take a look at it and get to know what is going wrong?
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