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  1. Ok have made a few more changes to file Trying to work out to put automatic date to each day week that would only need imput to be time start time end one less imput step Wages v1.1.fmp12
  2. I did not remember this had a bmp picture template as it been 25 meg hence wish to delete it The file in first post is too big due to picture delete it please or do not download Find attatched wages v1.0.rar file It contains 2 files Wages v1.0 my file created Time Cards inject to wages Found on net it does days of week but no pay rate and tax return Ignore the bloated file or PLEASE DELETE IT ................. Wages v1.0.rar
  3. I have found the time billing template in Filemaker with what I want The layout of Time Billing Details I think will give me all I want Thing is do not need all the other additional layouts etc To give you an understanding of what I am trying to create is A restaurant hire 3 to 5 the boss wants a simple system of putting in their times for the week put in pay rate then put tax deduction also any other minus money eg they bought some rice etc Next layout shows their pay slip details hit print and it prints the slips for those that worked skip the ones that did not
  4. After reading up on find duplicate and thinking a lot I changed the concept of database I hope to have made it less complicated What I did was create a script to find dulicates It does this but does not mark original first record so that idea no good and does not give me counts for records I then found that Match Count will give me a count of each records based on file size I found a script that will give me exactly what I want but do not know how to make it work If I understand the script it will match count and show records like so File Size Movie Name Total Owner
  5. Found this in an excel forum but no idea how to put to use Only on the learning curve They posted the following .......................... Let me give a suggestion for those who want to find duplicates within the combination of columns! Create a sort of “Hash column” with the “=CONCATENATE()” function and apply the conditional formatting to it. For instance, if you have a spreadsheet with 20 columns and you want to find the rows with the same information in, lets say, columns A, K and X. Go into the next column available (21st) in the first line and put the function “=
  6. Good ay may fellow ozzie

  7. I just had a thought I am trying to omit as I see it a field (not RECORD) As I look at my database I see that record 1 has RON NORM PHILLIP 10,000 BC Movie (2008) Steven Strait.avi 10 Items or Less ------2006.avi 10 Items or Less (2006).avi Record 2 100 Feet (2008) Famke Janssen.avi 10,000 BC (2008).avi 10,000 BC (2008).avi Note that NORM and Phillip have 10,000 BC (2008).avi so it end up in record 2 of database SO how do I omit fields not records if not how do
  8. I found this script that I can not get my head around to match 3 fields if it can Show All Records Sort [Our Movies 2011::Ron Movie File Size, ascending, no dialog] Go to Record [First] Set Variable [$Value, Our Movies 2011::Ron Movie File Size] Omit Record Loop ..If [ Our Movies 2011::Ron Movie File Size = $Value ] ....Go to Record/Request [Next, Exit After Last] ..Else ....Set Variable [$Value, Our Movies 2011::Ron Movie File Size] ....Omit Record ..EndIf ..Exit Loop If [Our Movies 2011::Ron Movie File Size <= $value and Get ( RecordNumber ) = Get ( FoundCoun
  9. Apologies my mistake grabbed wrong file Here is Excel file with the 3 sheet in it Excel Demo Sheet 15-06-2011.zip
  10. VERSION 11 PRO EFAN Thanks for reply I did have that in Excel Yes is shows who has each movie What we have as stated above it 3 people 3 drives We have each collected movies Now person 1 has say 3,000 Person 2 2,167 Person 3 has 2045 What I am trying to do is show by mark x then I think is the way then omit mark X This now shows movies Person 2 need to get from person 1 However once this is done there is 8 movies that person 2 has to give to person 1 As I am not good at the terms in filemaker I am doing my best In short a layout script to show each per
  11. Thank to Moderator for help with attatchment He said you zip the file I tried rar and FP7 would not load Now loaded thank you File at stage of Fields created Started a tag x script but not working still reading up on it any help most appreciated Once again thank you to moderator for quick reply Movies Data Base 20011.zip
  12. After doing some more reading I have come up with Added more fields and wonder if heading the correct direction 1 field each called Person Mark X (Text Field) 1 Field each called Person Global (Global Field) Found this script at Filemaker at this link to show you where I got it I am stuck at how to make it look at 6 fields of data 3 of file size then what is left 3 of names Files for movie if or file size not matching Or I am thinking one field has to look at 2 others so 1 has to look 2 3 then 2 look at 1 3 then 3 at 2 1 Or am I way off in my thoughts Back to more r
  13. Thanks for your reply 3 people have movies on a drive of thier own with the following name and file size parametters Person 1 got the move below somewhere else so different file size and this may apply to others on some movies not many Have tried to talk them into a maming structure but each to his own Person 1 even has movies (Little Red Fox, The 1999) = Can it be put ot left so end up with , The Little Red Fox (1999) 80% have same file size and name Person 1 names them like this 100 Feet (2008) Famke Janssen.avi File size 733913088 **** Note dif
  14. Learning filemaker

  15. Hello from Australia

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