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  1. If you can dedicate a decent and powerful: machine simply use Filemaker server. You will need a static IP address to access the databases from outside your local network. This can be done for free using No-IP.com.
  2. I am so sorry to hear of this. He was a fine fellow even though I never met him in person. RIP Lee.
  3. This post is identical to a post in Filemaker Community.
  4. I don’t Understand this. If this is true why use a tool like FileMaker?
  5. Or back up using FMS backup to a physically attached external drive and have Time Machine back up that drive. Never use TM to back up "live" files.
  6. Whether hosted or local narrow tables are, imho, the way to go. Much faster for one thing.
  7. This message is usually caused by a mistake in the path. What is the exact file path?
  8. I don't think Google search requests are especially relevant here. A thing to realize is that people or businesses are looking for solutions and couldn't give a rat's ass if they run on FileMaker or on some other platform. For that reason I believe it's important to charge for the development of a solution as a whole. The software necessary just happens to be FileMaker. This doesn't deserve more than a line item on an invoice. Also all this assumes the purchaser will NEVER have full access to the solution. Spoken from the point of view of a non professional developer . . . but a pretty good one.
  9. Happy New Year to all! Wishing you the best for 2017. rick.
  10. Attention: Before posting in the general discussion forum please review the other forums that would best suit your topic. If you cannot find one then you may delete this text and post your topic in this forum. Happy New Year to all! Wishing you the best for 2017. rick.
  11. It's possible the files are paused . Check in the admin console. As well the host machine should be set to never sleep.
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