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  1. Hi Matt. Thanks so much for the help. I did already try this, the new issue seems VERY unusual. For some reason, when I do it that way, I get only a dozen or so result on my value list instead of the hundred that are in the database. It also fails in its sorting - they are all over the place in terms of order. This also happens when I sort by second field but am showing both. For some reason it works perfectly when I have it set to the ID field and showing a second field but only when sorted by the first. Unfortunately this is a really cruddy way for a user to select form the choice
  2. Hi Mleering, I have attempted to implement your solution and have run into an issue. The value list I am creating from the store calculation field fills in my primary key data. My preference is that the user would be to only see a secondary field which is a description (rather then both the ID number AND the description), but when I choose that option, the list suddenly includes the records which are returning the null value from the calculation. Any thoughts on getting around this? Thanks!
  3. Comment, your example is very clear. I appreciate your posting it and I have implemented it into my file, but can I as how you got the cute little check mark to appear next to your "Yes"? I see in your Boolean formatting your non-zeros display as 'a' but I can't figure out how that translates to a "check mark Yes" Is it some sort of conditional formatting? I don't really know anything about that. Thanks!
  4. I think I understand the mistake in my logic. I didn't realize that since each artist only appears once in the artist table, a portal to that table within the episode table will list them each only once as well. I thought it would list them multiple time based on however many time they were assigned something, but that would only happen with a portal to the item usage.
  5. The relationship you set up with usage seems to make sense in this case for me. It is almost how I have it already but will need to tweak it slightly. The end product I am looking for is a report. A few of us use the database to track all these things, but most people in the company just want a status report. In that report, among other things, they would like a list of artists working on the items in the episode and when or if all items have been delivered. My current report is set up with a bunch of calculations to indicate number assets complete. To accompany the amounts of comp
  6. The first assumption is not exactly correct. Items can be used over and over in different episodes. For every episode I add an entry to each item used in it. That record indicates if it is a reused item or if it is new. If it is new then a single artist is assigned to it. My relationship was set up wrong though. You are correct there. I understand now, I would add the artist via a portal to the artist table. Just like adding products as the lineitems to an invoice. After it is set up that way though I am still a bit confused. I want to have the list of artists in my sub-summery, am
  7. Perfect. That eliminates the extra fields and allows me to do the calculation. Much cleaner. Thank you.
  8. Thanks!! That is exactly what I needed. It is so simple I feel ridiculous for not thinking to do it with a portal. It makes perfect sense.
  9. I am very new to FileMaker so please be kind. I have a field which has a drop down list of values. The values are from a field in another table. I am aware that I can have the list display additional values from a second field along side the first. i.e. an item number and description. My goal is to display both values in the same field when one is picked. Unfortunately the second value disappears when a selection is made. I am willing to have a second field look up the data based on the selection, but I am not sure how to do that. My other problem is that I need to addin
  10. I have EXACTLY the same issue. I got around it in what I imagine is a very poor method. I am new to FileMaker and I am curious what the proper way to do that would be. My roundabout solution was to make two additional fields where the first, would be a calculation if (other field = "yes", 1 ,0). The other field did the same for "no". Then I used the summery calculation to total those new fields. Like I said, its not a very clean way, but was my temporary solution. Looking forward to hear about a better way to do that. Thanks!
  11. I am completely new to both FileMaker and Help Forums so please excuse me if this is a terrible question. I have been put to the task of making a complicated tracking system for the animation company I just started working for. I might not have set it up the proper way to begin with, but where I am stuck now, is creating a list in a sub-summery field. Basically, every entry in this table is a item that needs to be designed for an episode (a prop, a background, a character etc). Each item is assigned to an artist to design. I have a sub-summery by episode within which I want a field
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