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  1. Got your message - thanks. Will get the new build asap and will test - hopefully late this afternoon - or else first thing tomorrow. thanks so much, Martie
  2. AWS Documentation » Amazon SNS » API Reference » Actions » CreateTopic CreateTopic Creates a topic to which notifications can be published. Users can create at most 100,000 topics. For more information, see http://aws.amazon.com/sns. This action is idempotent, so if the requester already owns a topic with the specified name, that topic's ARN is returned without creating a new topic. Request Parameters For information about the parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Parameters. Name The name of the topic you want to create. Constraints: Topic names must be made up of only uppercase and lowercase ASCII letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens, and must be between 1 and 256 characters long. Type: String Required: Yes ------------------- will try to find the logs you reference.... thanks I have sent a log to [email protected] -- thanks, Martie
  3. Apparently, the way you have the sending set up is to insert all the phone numbers in the Topic Name - in researching on the AWS site, I find that there is a constraint of 256 characters in the Topic Name -- so, you can only send to 25 recipients at one time. I am not working on a server so I don't have any error logs - also, in using the de-bug tool, there are no FMP errors generated - this is a AWS error. If there is some way to insert the phone numbers into Subscribers rather than the Topic Name, I would imagine that the limit would not exist. But, as far as I can tell, the plug-in is putting the phone numbers into the Topic Name - which has a constraint. Please let me know if there is something that can be done about this or if I need to continue with a looping script sending to one recipient at a time. Thank you.
  4. I did try with somewhere around 250 - 300 phone numbers and got the same error message. When I send to less than 20, there is no error. So, I am guessing there is a cut-off somewhere. But, since the number of recipients I need to send messages to varies widely, it appears the only thing to do is to use a looping script. I have written one that is working with a very small number of recipients - I will test it with about 150 in a couple of weeks. Since I don't want to be sending out 'nothing' messages (ie, spam for most) it is a difficult thing to test. My current testing is limited to sending to myself and just a couple of others and putting the phone numbers in multiple times as if they were different numbers. Is there a way to determine the max number of recipients for any given message?
  5. I have been using the new SMS service via AWS and am pretty happy with it - when sending to 10 or so recipients. But, I need to be able to send to about 500 - 600 at one time. I am getting the following error message: (Invalid parameter: Topic Name) -- I can find no place to do anything with the Topic Name. What to do? I could, I suppose, change the script to loop through and send individual texts -- but I was hoping that wouldn't be necessary. I will try this and see how long it takes with a list of around 300 or so.
  6. thanks for the quick reply. this is disappointing. I had misread it since my region supports SMS I hadn't gone any further. I hope they change this sometime soon. M
  7. Working with your new SMS via AWS and it is working fine -- but, I have set a default sender ID in my AWS account but it doesn't use it -- the texts are sent simply from a number that I don't recognize. How can I specify a sender name. The AWS documentation says the default can be overridden so I am wondering if the plug-in is overriding my default? Thanks for the help, Martie
  8. ok, I do have FMP14 so I downloaded the version 3.05 and am trying to use it with FMP14. I successfully created a new campaign and sent it off successfully. But, the same issue is arising. When I try to get results, I get 0 deliverys, 0 bounces, 0 unsubscribed, 0 complaints but 31 views and 1 click (there really was nothing to click in this particular campaign). I did this from the FMP file that came with the download of the latest version - I did not copy tables and scripts into another db. When I go to my account on Amazon, I can see the total number of deliveries for a particular time-frame but not the number for a particular campaign, nor are the deliveries noted with email addresses. Can you help? thanks - Martie
  9. it's been awhile but I am now wanting to download the new version - but it seems to be for 12 - I am still using 11 - is the new version available for 11? thanks! Martie
  10. Thanks so much for the quick reply! I will download the new version asap. Martie
  11. I've been using CloudMail very happily for some months now. Creating and sending lovely emails to targeted lists. But, just recently when I use the Get Results button, I get "0 delivered, 0 bounced, 0 complaints" altho' there will be tons of views and lots of clicks -- so obviously the emails ARE being delivered and altho' I may not be getting complaints, I am sure there must be at least some bounces. Has a setting changed that I don't know about? What would cause this and how can I fix it? I am using CloudMail version 1.02 on Win 10 (with new update - but this started before the new update) FMP11. Thanks in advance for the help, Martie
  12. ok, so I tried to surround the [UNSUBSCRIBE] with an <a href.... -- and it worked fine. Still working on a button..... M
  13. Is it possible to put the unsubscribe link in CloudMail in a button? Or, put the whole thing into a 'a href' tag rather than showing the full link? thanks for the help! Martie
  14. Success!!! You are a GENIUS!!! I can't thank you enough - should have asked hours and hours and hours ago....... Martie
  15. ok - I will try that, I did download the 32bit because I thought that's what was needed, but my computer is 64bit so perhaps that what I should use. So...... I will do that now and see how it goes! thanks!!! M
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