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  1. MartieH

    SMS sender name

    thanks for the quick reply. this is disappointing. I had misread it since my region supports SMS I hadn't gone any further. I hope they change this sometime soon. M
  2. MartieH

    SMS sender name

    Working with your new SMS via AWS and it is working fine -- but, I have set a default sender ID in my AWS account but it doesn't use it -- the texts are sent simply from a number that I don't recognize. How can I specify a sender name. The AWS documentation says the default can be overridden so I am wondering if the plug-in is overriding my default? Thanks for the help, Martie
  3. ok, I do have FMP14 so I downloaded the version 3.05 and am trying to use it with FMP14. I successfully created a new campaign and sent it off successfully. But, the same issue is arising. When I try to get results, I get 0 deliverys, 0 bounces, 0 unsubscribed, 0 complaints but 31 views and 1 click (there really was nothing to click in this particular campaign). I did this from the FMP file that came with the download of the latest version - I did not copy tables and scripts into another db. When I go to my account on Amazon, I can see the total number of deliveries for a particular time-frame but not the number for a particular campaign, nor are the deliveries noted with email addresses. Can you help? thanks - Martie
  4. it's been awhile but I am now wanting to download the new version - but it seems to be for 12 - I am still using 11 - is the new version available for 11? thanks! Martie
  5. Thanks so much for the quick reply! I will download the new version asap. Martie
  6. I've been using CloudMail very happily for some months now. Creating and sending lovely emails to targeted lists. But, just recently when I use the Get Results button, I get "0 delivered, 0 bounced, 0 complaints" altho' there will be tons of views and lots of clicks -- so obviously the emails ARE being delivered and altho' I may not be getting complaints, I am sure there must be at least some bounces. Has a setting changed that I don't know about? What would cause this and how can I fix it? I am using CloudMail version 1.02 on Win 10 (with new update - but this started before the new update) FMP11. Thanks in advance for the help, Martie
  7. MartieH

    Unsubscribe Link - button?

    ok, so I tried to surround the [UNSUBSCRIBE] with an <a href.... -- and it worked fine. Still working on a button..... M
  8. Is it possible to put the unsubscribe link in CloudMail in a button? Or, put the whole thing into a 'a href' tag rather than showing the full link? thanks for the help! Martie
  9. MartieH

    FMP Adv not seeing DSN

    Success!!! You are a GENIUS!!! I can't thank you enough - should have asked hours and hours and hours ago....... Martie
  10. MartieH

    FMP Adv not seeing DSN

    ok - I will try that, I did download the 32bit because I thought that's what was needed, but my computer is 64bit so perhaps that what I should use. So...... I will do that now and see how it goes! thanks!!! M
  11. I know this has been asked before and I have read the other answers but am still at a loss so am looking for more help - sorry to be redundant! I have downloaded the mysql connector driver -- after reading http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6420/~/which-odbc-data-sources%2Fdrivers-are-supported-with-external-sql-data-sources%3F and knowing I wanted to make the ESS connection with FMP Adv 14, I downloaded the 32bit MySQL Connector/ODBC version 5.2.5 and installed it into the C:\Windows\sysWOW64 folder. I created a DSN, tested the connection - all is good. But, when I open the local FM db and go to Manage External Data Sources, put in the ODBC name, no DSN appears in the box. Just to "see", I opened the older version of the same database in FMP Adv 11 - and even tho' I'm using the 5.2 driver - the DSN appears with absolutely no problem in the FMP Adv 11 - even tho' the above referenced filemaker help says that only MySQL Connector/ODBC version 3.51.14 driver will work with FMP Adv 11. Ok - so, maybe the help is a little out of date - so, I went and downloaded the 5.3 version (still 32 bit) - installed in the sysWOW64 folder, created the DSN, tested the connection - still no joy in FMP Adv 14 - still works perfectly well in FMP Adv 11. Am I correct in installing the driver in the sysWOW64 folder? the DSN creation doesn't seem to care where the driver is located. Is the help on this out of date? Other background - I am working on Win 10, the mySQL db is hosted in the cloud. Where do I go next? Thanks for any and all insights, Martie
  12. thank you all very much for these thoughts! I do think I could use OnObjectExit rather than listening for a keystroke, -- I will play with that and with the idea of a global field to temporarily hold the value while it's being entered. thank you very much! Martie ps - I don't want to use a button because the scorers want to keep their fingers on their keypad, they don't want to move back and forth from the keypad to the mouse.
  13. TextStyleAdd only applies formatting to fields - and it's not html formatting. To use formatting in an email (html formatting), you need to look at GetAsCSS - and apply styles. there are some examples in this forum - do a search for GetAsCSS and you should find them. hth, Martie
  14. MartieH

    Sort order of values on popup menu

    you might look at this: http://filemakerhacks.com/2013/11/22/its-sorta-a-value-list-thing/ I Have used something like this and had it work well. hth, Martie
  15. Your platform says Win 8 - if that is true and you have not installed another email program, your default is the Windows Hotmail and it will not work with this script step. You need to use a SMTP email instead -- I have a couple of gmail accounts that I use for FMP email sending -- the gmail SMTP is secure and easy to set up (instructions are on the gmail site). Otherwise, you need to install an email client program which is compatable with FMP and make it your default email program -- it is possible that Thunderbird will do this, but I am not sure. Gmail is really the easiest and most secure. hth, Martie

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