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  1. I have an excel sheet that controls bills of ladings for a forestry company. In the example you can see that there is lots going on with this Bill. It has a payperiod, mill, truck that delivered it, etc. I would like setup a database to monitor this. The fields CT1, CT2, Skid1, Skid2. PROC1, PROC2 are all contractor numbers. There are 6 contactors. The percentages in each line are the amount of the volume they performed In the third line there is a value in CT1 only...they get 100% of the volume. I can figure out most of this, but am stumped on how I can monitor when a contractor d
  2. Sorry I mean javascript. Cute cartoon and the eggtimer file is quiet cool...i think that might come in handy. I will have a go at this. Sorry I had to edit this..just thought of something. Would this be implemented with a script trigger attached to a layout or just attached to a button from the nave screen. Thanks again Dave
  3. Ok thanks. I believe the later of the two is beyond my skill level or at least i have not ever used java in filemaker or java at all for that matter. the first I believe you are telling me to do a loop and then on the 60th run them both. So my understanding is, you are saying I can run two timers in one script but not two independent timers in one window. Correct? And could i not open a second window, move it to the background and run the update script. Dave
  4. I have this little app that uses google sheets as its base for the data. When the app starts, it runs a script that downloads via insert from url a google sheet and stores it in a container field. it parses it all out into fields etc. As you can see in the pic, the bottom line in yellow shows the current dance. done by comparing current time against another table via join. This value is derived by a InsertOnTimer script that runs every 15 seconds and flushes the join to keep current dance value at the top. My problem is, when there is a change in the spreadsheet (btw this is the clients
  5. Of course it can😀 My question was somewhat rhetorical in nature. I think i should have asked, does anyone know of any such reliable barcode database api that I could try to access and then try to parse the data. Or at least a service that they have had success with? Dave
  6. Is it possible to have filemaker receive a barcode from a scanner (i know it can) and have it lookup the barcode online through an api then parse the data into fields. I am assuming the webdata will probably come in json.
  7. I am pretty sure it is not possible to get the data any other way. They use some special software designed to host dance competitions. It sets up the schedule and spits it out like this in excel format. Then I import it. I suppose I could find and replace the Pipe with even a space. I think they do it to make it easier to see all the participants in that number. Some dances have 25 kids. If they didn't put some sort of delimiter it might become hard to read. If you suggestions by all means. In the mean time i will work on the above. Thanks, Dave
  8. Hi i have a file with approx 800 records. Each record will contain a field called participants. No two records are the same but can contain the same participants...meaning other fields make them unique of course. There are no duplicate dances. But, record one could contain Ann smith, record two and others could contain various records like below. I am given these records as presented. they do the leg work I import it. I believe i have to convert it to a return separated list and then filter it to get the unique records. Seems east for one field but for the whole group seems tricky.
  9. Hi I have explained to them the licencing and that there should be no problems...then they asked what if we charged $2 for the app..what then? I said I would get back to them. So here I am. Any thoughts?
  10. That is exactly what is happening. The user will not change anything. If the host (company) has a change, I suggested using the csv method to update the schedule. Letting them know there is an update could be tricky as not everyone checks their email regularly. And I don't think they can be notified any other way, not without integrating a server. Perhaps i could create a script that would check the checksum value or size of the csv on a host via a timer every 30 mins or so and if it has changed from the original then notify them. then do the update. Thanks Dave
  11. I am doing some work for a local company and we were talking about moving a paper resource to the ipad/iphone/android. All data will be static and for visual purposes only, no access needed to servers. All data is set before hand (schedule of events) and will not change for the most part. They will view/search the data only. Perhaps if there is a change in data then update via csv. I have read lots on that and I am not concerned about that. So my question is, if we produce the static file and send it to the 10-100 people that have fmgo on thier phone, what licencing issues are we facing.
  12. Ok, firstly not sure which section to put this in. I couldn't pick one so i started here. Admins please move it to an appropriate category if you wish. Anyhow, I was approached by a friend that asked me if this can be done in Filemaker. His plan is to have one master database of inventory that many different vendors will have access to but only to change their or add their own products. Then say in city one we have a store with a pos system (Filemaker). They will manage their own products in that store, but still have access to the master product catalogue if you will, to look up products t
  13. Currently it captures the id when they startup the program then stores it in a $$variable that everytime a record is created it inserts it in a field, but as I am typing this a light went off as a result of your post...of course there is not need for that script. Just everytime i new invoice is perform the calculation. Then just do a report for sales based on the id..correct? Dave
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