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  1. I have a text file that I'd like to UPDATE/ADD to an existing Filemaker database on a daily basis. I have the file in the proper location and defined a $filePath variable in my script. The issue comes with the import mapping. The left pane is blank because it cannot pull any headers or data into it because the import file is on the server. That's OK, I set the order according to the order of the fields in the file. I then schedule the script and see what happens. The problem is that the script only ADDS records, it will not update them based on a matching field key. No matter wha
  2. That's the problem. How to find the error if it doesn't give you any indication of where to look? I do not have a loop or an exit after last step. But if I delete all records and then let the update script run, it doesn't give an error at all. It gives "OK." If the database has records in it, the update script always ended with "Filemaker Script Error" but seems to do all the updates.
  3. So does anyone know if it is possible to get Filemaker Server to give more information than "Filemaker Script Error?" I changed everyone's name to "X" in the database, let the schedule run the update, the console displays "Filemaker Script Error" yet everyone's name was fixed. I then DELETED every record, let the script run and all records were restored and did not get the "Filemaker Script Error." I get "OK." So, it must be something to do with the UPDATE action and not the ADD NEW RECORDS. I turned off the only field which was required and still get the error. I really
  4. A couple of ways. First, yes, there are more records in the import file so I "Add New Records." But more importantly, I change data in the import file and look for that change in the database. This is all in a test environment. I can't afford to use this product yet in production.
  5. Yes there are records that don't match. That's why I Add New Records. It's a database of people and their associated demographics. New people are added and existing people's demographics are changed. The Record Lock thing has bitten me in the past on the robot.
  6. I'm not sure if you are addressing the error 729 that appears without the loop or the "Running..." message I get with the loop. It's impossible for any records to be locked as this is a test database and I'm the only person using the file. The only field that is validated is a "Required" field that is the primary key to which I'm matching on to do the update. I am running with full permissions. The strange thing is that I run this script every night for the last 10 years or so on a Filemaker 5/6 database without issue. I use a script bot to do it.
  7. Also, another issue I'm having is the "Running..." error that never ends. Aside from the import routine being discussed, I had a loop to set a single field in all records to 0. This caused the schedule to say "Running..." and never complete and never do anything. Show All Records Go to Record [First] Loop Set Field [DB:status;"0"] Go to Record [Next; Exit After Last] End Loop ...and then the import part starts.
  8. It did not have the colon. I added it and now the path is: file:/Server HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/import_file.txt But still gives a scripting error. So I tried adding in a "mac:" so the path would be: filemac:/Server HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/import_file.txt And that worked BUT the script died with a new scripting error. This time 729 which according to a reference I found online " Errors occurred during import; records could not be imported." The odd part is that looking at the database, it appears that the proper 2032 records were
  9. Still gives a scripting error with the slash. This is maddening.
  10. Yes, the event log gives me the very informative: "Scripting error (100)" The script has been whittled to the bone at this point. It is only two lines: Set Variable [$varpath; Value:"file" & Get (DocumentsPath) & "import_file.txt"] Import records [No dialogl "$varpath";Update matching;Windows ANSI]
  11. Thanks. I actually read your article last year and it got me started in the right direction. Using your directions, I was able to create a simple database with a simple import file and do a scripted/scheduled update. However, when I do exactly the same method on one of my large production databases, it just says "running" and never does anything and never completes.
  12. I've had Filemaker 10 Server for quite a while now. The reason I updated to it was to do server side imports. After months, I cannot get this feature to work on my existing databases. I do import/updates based on a matching ID field. If I make a test database with a couple fields and a few records, I can successfully get an import/update script to run on schedule. My actual production databases just stall. The Filemaker Server admin app just says "Running" and the script never updates anything. I have no idea what is happening. Also, there seems to be no way to end this scrip
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