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  1. in everytime, if I want to choose where I will export , which way should I use in Export records with script ? I want to see " Export records to file" with "Excel workbooks(*.xlsx)" as record type. Than I will give name of "filename" in everytime.
  2. Definitely you are right that English is not my native language. even so, I understand everthing what you have written and solved my problem. Thank all you so much for your interest.
  3. I have a table named "city" I have many records and record more everyday. I have done value list with checkbox set. I can find with multiple checkbox. I did it in my project. I can select one by one in find mode but I can't select all by one button. I need just select all in find mode one button. Checkbox.zip
  4. I dont know if I have written in true forum.I want to connect to web service ( ''net.tcp://'') this service doesnt blong to me. it is not in my coorditane. I am just Authorization to connect that service, I want to import from this service if it is possible or not. İf it is possible which way I will follow. thank you
  5. websites with username and password restrictions, I tried writing a URL to automatically enter that then submit, unfortunately, I have not been successful. Is this even possible? for example facebook,twiter
  6. I have a container field And also records a tif format file . As You know, Tif format can have so many pages in a file. But in container file, I can just see first page. I cant see other pages. İf it is possible me to see other pages. Example.zip
  7. I think I couldnt explain what my problem is. I want to make a summary in portal within the same table, ıf you examine my Attached File you understant better.
  8. perhaps, this subject has been made before. But I couldnt fınd in forums. and my brain has stopped for now.please help I have a field "city" named. there are so many records in city field. for example 1 paris, 2 newyork and 3 istanbul records.I want to see this result in portal thank you so much. Example.zip
  9. I have a table. and I have done related list. The related list shows all records .When I try to find somthing in the fields. for examble, it finds 2 records in totall 5 records. But in the related list, still shows all records.I want to see the found records in the related list.if İt is possible or not. Great Thanks for your helps. Example.zip
  10. thank you so much I did some mistakes before. thanks all of you. İt is reallly nice to be in this forum
  11. ok I was doing a rar file before. thank you city.zip
  12. I couldnt still solve my problem anyway thank all you.I will try different ways. I just would want to see all reports in the same page. I have to see city field count different page. I cant still send a file. I see this error "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"
  13. I cant send a file, so I will try to explain my problem. I have a field named ''city''. it has so many datas, for example ''newyork, paris,london,istanbul etc,'' and also there are so many istanbul or newyork records. I can summary theese records. and I can count how many records.and also This is a related database, my problem is that I cant count How man city is, when I count city field with summary , it gives everytime found records. I just want how many city, not how many records.
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