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  1. If anyone does come across this issue, I have found a solution! mydomain.com/index.html was loading, just not mydomain.com There was a URL Rewrites within the FMWebSite site redirecting all traffic going to /, so I added a new URL Rewrite rule to change traffic going to / to go to /index.html. This did not effect /fmi/webd/ so all is well! D
  2. Hi All, I've mainly used Mac Servers for the majority of my databases, so apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge of Windows IIS. Currently running Windows Server 2008 R2 for one of my clients servers. Previous to upgrading to FMS13 the default IIS web site worked along side Instant Web Publishing. When I upgraded earlier in the year to FMS13 it wouldn't allow both the default web site and web direct to run at the same time (due to port conflict), so it disabled the default web site in IIS and created a FMWebSite site. This was fine at the time as the server is only used for FileMa
  3. Hey Guys, After I upgraded a few of my databases from 11 to 12 (and accessing remotely), I seem to get sorting records dialog boxes when navigating through layouts in layout mode. Show sample data is not enabled, so just wondered why this is happening, and if I can avoid it at all? Since upgrading from 11 to 12 editing/saving layouts/viewing layout lists seems lag. I also get an occasional connection lost, without the server or internet going down. Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  4. Hey Guys, This will probably be straight forward but I couldn't find the answer in my quick searches. I have a database already hosted on my server, and I need to include one of the tables, within it, in another database hosted on the same file. I have tried to create the data source with local file path, but because the referenced database is in use, it gives me an error. I have tried using the local IP hosting address, but because I access the database remotely that won't work. I can obviously use the remote IP hosting address as the data source, but I just wanted to check if this
  5. I'm new to graphs on FileMaker so not sure how this one would work, so any ideas would be very much appreciated. My client has a returns table, anything that is returned is entered into this table with the item title, department, return value and date returned. I needed to produce a report which highlights the value of items returned by department by month. I have done this by doing two sub summaries, first the month (http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/790/~/creating-a-sub-summary-by-month), then by the department. This used a count summary field of the return value.
  6. Thanks IdealData, It was indeed an issue with non-supported themes!
  7. This one has been troubling me for some time now, probably something simple...  I have a layout with a portal that is access via Instant Web Publishing on FileMaker 12. It has three butons; 1. Save & Exit - Which commits records and exits application. 2. Save & New - Which commits records and creates new record 3. OT - Which commits records and goes to another layout  Buttons 1 and 2 work, but not button 3. On pressing button 3 it just commits records and remains on the same layout. No validation errors appear. The user is on a full access account. The destinat
  8. This one has been puzzling me, but there is probably a simple solution out there that I have missed.. We have a table with all our staff, a table for shifts, and a table for dates in turn related to a table of jobs. Each staff member can have many shifts on many different dates. We want to pull a report that shows all staff that have worked their first ever shift within a date range we enter. I've thought about putting a first shift field within the shift table, which when their first shift is created it enters a one into this field - enabling us to search this field. Howev
  9. Hey Guys, I am working with an organisation who has just moved to using file maker server, I want to open the file maker port on the server to enable remote access. However, I have been told by a few people that this is very risky and leaves the server vulnerable. Just wanted to see if you guys had any advise re this? I know there is the VPN route, but in previous organisations I have worked with, this has been a hassle to setup and use. I've got to present some evidence to management either way, so I would be grateful for any thoughts/sources. Cheers, Dan
  10. Thanks, works a treat! It's always something so simple!
  11. Hey Guys, I think i know the answer to this already, but if it is no, just wondered if you had any alternatives. Basically my clients want to convert the excel sheet they have into a layout on filemaker, or an export to excel. It is an availability sheet for staff. So there is a table called availability, which has a row per date per member of staff. The staff is referenced by another table via an id. Each date has three shifts the staff can select as available and not available. The report the client wants produced, is to have staff names down the sides (row per staf
  12. Sorry to confuse every one, the file is is shared from the server via the 5003 port. It is not a case of valuing data, it is cost, it is a relative small business, that have just invested several grand into database development, and the moment they cannot afford to pay the extra for the server just for the backup benefit when they do not need the rest of the features. This solution is a short term solution until they can afford to invest further money. Vincent, that would be a great solution but unfortunately its Windows 2008 R2 server . Ideal Data, would Install On Time function not
  13. Hi, My client can't doesn't want to get FileMaker server at the moment, they only have five users and sharing a database on FileMaker Pro is working well. However then need a backing up system. The host file is stored on a server, and I have been trying to work out a way to backup the file. I have created a save copy as script, but I can only get this to work by running this on the host machine. Is there a way to run this script from the client end without having to remotely access the server? Or the other option I investigated was scheduling a database close at 4am. T
  14. Hi All, I'm trying to work out if this is possible at all, so any tips or points would be great! I have a task table as part of a bigger procurement system. Within this tast table, tasks are assigned to usernames of the various logins to the system so Admin, Dan, Rachel etc. I have used my own custom menu set, which has a item called 'Tasks' which when clicked pops up the task manager layout in a new window. What I now want to do is change the item's label from 'Tasks' to 'Tasks (5)' where the 5 figure is actually a count of how many matching records for that loged in use
  15. It was indeed a silly oversight of not selecting the calc to return a text value instead of a number.
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