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  1. Thanks for your input. I looked at aws and it was about the same. Also a 360works plugin would not work. i think my problem is because FileMaker decided to change the “purchase” model to one which doesn’t really work for amateurs like me. I’ve been with it since it first appeared on pc’s and its availability on Mac when I switched years ago was a factor in my decision to switch. reading between the lines of your replies I am going to be left high and dry shortly. None of the online substitutes like Airtable are as flexible.
  2. I’ll keep playing. Thanks.
  3. I am with FMPHost and if I try to open my solution in fmp17 it tells me its not compatible - so I have to go over to fmp17 hosting which is 4 times more expensive. I have 2 users.
  4. I use my solution on 2 different desktop machines. What I can't work out is how to go to the dropbox folder on each in the first place (i.e. the relative path (I think - Im an amateur)) - obviously the folder/file structure inside dropbox is the same on both machines. can you get the files in subfolders in a single calc too?
  5. I am wondering if there is a way for file manipulator to "know" the path to dropbox and folders inside it so it can automatically tell me what files are in named folders within dropbox. At the moment I have to refresh a get files calculation.
  6. Has the recent Mac update broken filmmaker 16? I would love to move to 17 but the cost of hosting it on any of the hosting services is prohibitive. Is filemaker forsaking me and driving me to airtable?
  7. Thanks for the help. FMPHost tell me: "Yes, this is what I was afraid of. Scribe is killing WebD. I will remove the copy of the plugin from web publishing location. But, as you can see, it won't stay toggled on in the admin console. I had a customer back in November who had this exact issue and 360Works had to issue him a patched plugin." any ideas?
  8. Thanks for your reply. I suspect I am missing something.....because I am using a server hosted by someone other than me (I think that's the reason) I cannot get access to the folder path you mention. FMPhost have told me that they have enabled to plugin. Thanks for your reply. I have upgraded to an enterprise license. But still giving me the same error message
  9. I am investigating moving my database to web direct. To do so I need to get scribe working on fmphost. I have added a script step to register the plugin - which works fine in self hosted or fmphosted but I still get an error telling me that I need to install the plugin when I try to run it in webdirect. I have be speaking with fmphost who reported "It turns out the Scribe plugin also needed to be enabled in the FileMaker Server Admin Console. We have enabled the plugin, so it should be working now.". I am wondering if my license wont work with web direct. My license is described as "360Works Scribe 2.15 / Upgrade from Single User License to Scribe Workgroup License (Upgrade)". Any ideas?
  10. I am exploring accessing my solution through web direct using fmphost. solution works fine in server mode. however in web direct it says I do not have a sufficiently new version of scribe: I need > 2.15. problem is that I’m running 3.08 on my local Mac. is this an issue about file locations? Do I need to upload scribe or something?
  11. Ok. they got onto it for which I am really grateful. turns out error capture in scribe is not a script step its a calculation...which I actually worked out how to use. thanks 360works for responding
  12. I have been running a document creation and management solution for 2 years. My scribe maintenance subscription ran out so I bought a new license. Boom the whole things has collapsed. Scribe is throwing errors when a field in the database does not appear as a merge field in the document the attached being a typical error. This solution is vital to my practice but 360Work have no taken 2 working days with no solution - not responding to my emails when I tell them that their work arounds aren't working. This was suggested "ScribeSetErrorCapture(true)" - but that does not even appear in my steps in the script window. Utterly frustrated. Help!
  13. Thanks. I am looking into the calculations to see which ones I can streamline.
  14. I have a file 73.3mb hosted with fmphost with a starter filmmaker host. I am running 16 on my machines and it is hosted on 14. It has recently become incredibly slow. I have not added any new scripts and I have removed some to see if it makes any difference. Any insights as to why this might have happened recently? I realise that may a very difficult question to answer without seeing the solution. Would I be better off with dedicated hosting with 16? At the moment I am toying with going back to keeping the file in dropbox and not using go.
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