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  1. I have a parent table which has 3 child tables all of which have a date field. I would like to have a field in the parent table which tells me what is the latest date in the 3 child tables so I know the last time there was activity relating to the parent record. I can figure it out.
  2. I gather there was an update overnight....and its not working again: has Microsoft taken over apple/claris? Becoming a joke
  3. so now I cannot get this to work on my laptop machine
  4. this worked for me too - thanks
  5. don't think thats the issue
  6. Has catalina broken scribe?
  7. I restarted filemaker 17 and got the gmanipulator splash screen. So I thought the logical thing to do was disable the gmanipulator plugin. Do that. Filemaker crashes. Restart. Crashes. Do that 10 times. Then I found the suggestion use the uninstall tool in the download package. yeah right! Delete everything I can find with gmanipulator in it. Restart 10 times. Reboot. Restart. Crashes. Uninstall FMP17. Reboot. Reinstall FMP17. Restart. Crashes. do that 10 times. Reinstall gmanipulator. makes no difference. Completely stuffed up my solution and given me no access to FileMaker.
  8. Using this calculation: "Middle(Messages::Cc;Position(Messages::Cc;"<";1;1)+1;Position(Messages::Cc;">";1;1)-Position(Messages::Cc;"<";1;1)-1) I get only the first email address in the Cc field. It has "fancy names" so to make it work I have first strip out the "name" - which is what the calc above does. I am trying to avoid creating a new field for the list - I was trying to do it by a variable which why I included recursive as a tag - I hoped I might be able to go through the CC field until I had somehow parsed all the addresses in it.
  9. I am trying to write a script to permit me to respond to emails received into fmp. I have successfully written the calculation to extract the email address from the "from" field in which the data is presented "Joes Bloggs <[email protected]>. I cannot work out how to do the same for the CC field. The data is in the same format but there are typically multiple CC recipients and so I need to extract the text between <> sequentially. Any clues?
  10. So there’s no inherent reason it won’t work with Dropbox...
  11. See answers in body of message above ~ I am trying to archive a file which is in a dropbox folder to a dropbox folder.
  12. I am trying to create an archive functionality in FMP 17. In the demo when I fill in all the relevant fields and click "zip" a file is created (with the wrong name and no zip extension) and Filemaker then hangs requiring an external quit. the same happens when I test the process in my solution. Any ideas?
  13. I am evaluating 360works email plugin and when getting messages from an office365 server I get the following error "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -99"...If I click OK it reduces to "98" but then increases: I assume its retrieving messages and this is the count. Any ideas?
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