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  1. Stickybeak

    Web direct seeing wrong version of scribe

    Here is the error I am getting
  2. I am exploring accessing my solution through web direct using fmphost. solution works fine in server mode. however in web direct it says I do not have a sufficiently new version of scribe: I need > 2.15. problem is that I’m running 3.08 on my local Mac. is this an issue about file locations? Do I need to upload scribe or something?
  3. Stickybeak

    Scribe Broken? Support Broken?

    Ok. they got onto it for which I am really grateful. turns out error capture in scribe is not a script step its a calculation...which I actually worked out how to use. thanks 360works for responding
  4. I have been running a document creation and management solution for 2 years. My scribe maintenance subscription ran out so I bought a new license. Boom the whole things has collapsed. Scribe is throwing errors when a field in the database does not appear as a merge field in the document the attached being a typical error. This solution is vital to my practice but 360Work have no taken 2 working days with no solution - not responding to my emails when I tell them that their work arounds aren't working. This was suggested "ScribeSetErrorCapture(true)" - but that does not even appear in my steps in the script window. Utterly frustrated. Help!
  5. Stickybeak

    Hosting issues, recommendations

    Thanks. I am looking into the calculations to see which ones I can streamline.
  6. I have a file 73.3mb hosted with fmphost with a starter filmmaker host. I am running 16 on my machines and it is hosted on 14. It has recently become incredibly slow. I have not added any new scripts and I have removed some to see if it makes any difference. Any insights as to why this might have happened recently? I realise that may a very difficult question to answer without seeing the solution. Would I be better off with dedicated hosting with 16? At the moment I am toying with going back to keeping the file in dropbox and not using go.
  7. Stickybeak

    Getting a field to align with the last line on another field

    I've just got the view option for showing sliding off. They are all sliding fields and they all slide: just not quite the way I want them to. Aligning the time taken field to the bottom causes it to not slide at all.
  8. Stickybeak

    Getting a field to align with the last line on another field

    Sorry. The blue field are non-printing and provide the raw data for calculated field time taken. Your suggestion did not solve the issue.
  9. I have a 4 column report for an invoice: Date, Activity, Time, Charge in that order from left to right. Activity can sometimes be 2 or more lines. I really want the time and charge fields to align horizontally with the last line of the activity field: so if activity is 5 lines long the time and the charge will print on the same line as the 5th line. if activity is only 1 line I want time and charge to print opposite the first line. I cannot get this to work: I have tried each field aligned in bottom, I have grouped and I have locked. Can it be done?
  10. Stickybeak

    FMP 16 Will not start

    I don't run that plugin
  11. Stickybeak

    FMP 16 Will not start

    Yep, Ive tried that. I've copied the plist in the app package from an installation on my laptop but, for some, reason that lets me start fmp 16 rather than fmp 16 advanced. Ive never owned fmp 16 so i find that a bid odd too. EDIT: Ive just tried to start it and its told me that the app is corrupted.
  12. Stickybeak

    FMP 16 Will not start

    When I try to start FMP16 - since the latest update - I get an error message without any part of FMP appearing on the screen. There is a lot of data but the bit that caught my eye is this: Anybody else having or had this issue? Any known solution? Filemaker support seem to think its an Apple problem - something to do with my user account. Apple seem to think its a filemaker problem. Happy to supply the rest of the error message if required.
  13. Stickybeak

    Keeping fields together when printing

    I hope this is what you mean:
  14. I generate an invoice by a report. The work is totalled and then VAT/GST is calculated and the total work + GST = the invoice value. These 3 fields appear in a trailing grand summary. One above thew other above the other: Total Work GST Total this invoice Depending upon the number of items in the invoice the invoice may have more than one page. Again depending on the precise number of items in the invoice I can finish up having 2 of the 3 summary fields on one page and the remaining one on another page. I would like to be able to print the invoice knowing that the 3 summary fields will be kept together irrespective of the number of items, or pages or where the page break occurs. I cannot see how this can be achieved.
  15. Stickybeak

    Login FMP 16

    it takes the credentials from the keychain I don't have a script like that Edit: I removed it from the keychain but it still behaves in the same way

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