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  1. Hi guys.. I think I had better try and build a better picture of what I am doing, so that you can see what I am trying to achieve, as I don;t think I did a very good job in the first post? I already have a contact ID for the contacts, and also for the events. You made a good point - it will probably be a many to many as for example; • Drake Circus (Venue) has three events coming up in the next 9 months on three different dates (two pool events and one collection).. • Each event will have volunteers, so "Fred Tandy" can volunteer at more than one • Each venue can have mo
  2. Hi all, I have already created a Contacts table, and a separate Events table. We have charity events throughout the year that are dependant on volunteers helping to make it happen. Basically, I have fields in the Events table such as Event_Name, Event_Date, Event_Time_Start, Volunteers_Required etc etc.. What I want to do, is if a venue (whose details are in the Contacts) has agreed to let us have an event, we would like to link the event to that contact - if it was just one event per contact, it wouldn't be a problem, but because one contact can have more than one event, t
  3. That's brilliant, thanks very much bcooney - appreciate it.. Coming along nicely now, but having difficulty with events as there can be more than one event per person, so trying to figure out the best way forward but will have to ask on here in a moment!
  4. Hi all, I have created a database so that we can record all the relevant details for charity donors etc, but I am stuck on how I can create a history of correspondence, so that if that person calls, e-mails or speaks to me, I can look at their corresponding history. Basically, I need to have the following: • Date (of correspondence) • Method of Correspondence • Brief Notes This would need to be linked to the main database as we'd like to keep the notes and their fields in a different table. The bottom line is, if Mr 'X' phones up, we can put that contact up in the
  5. Hi DJ, credit to you mate - it's people and companies like yourselves that make people in my position's lives a lot easier at times. I've since learnt a bit more and although I knew the Saved Finds option was there, for some reason it wouldn't let me save a find, until I discovered I wasn;t doing it quite right!!
  6. Hi DJ, Thanks for your reply. While I think I have the lot, I may need to add to it, so if it was a group that automatically updated as I create records, then that's brilliant.. Cheers,
  7. Hi guys, In my database of 160 contacts, I performed a search to find certain contacts and the results yielded 101 contact which is correct. However, is it possible to create a group from this found set? I'm wondering this as I don;t want to have to create a group and click on every name to add them in..? I'm a beginner so any help is appreciated, cheers. Carl
  8. Hi everyone, Well, I've been reading the book, "The Missing Manual" and I have to say it is very informative. However, it is a 'generalised' teacher and there are any questions I have, that I can't ask a book! The most important question I have at the moment is this; My current database has two sets of addresses - one for their home address, and the other for work. The problem is this; For example, next year I am doing a challenge where I am doing a pool entertainment exhibition in every one of England's 43 counties, starting on 9th July 2011 and ending on 20th August 2011.
  9. Hi there, That makes absolute perfect sense. I need to train my mind up to see through the eyes of a database person, i.e. yourself and I can see exactly what you mean by overlapping. I agree that the tenants will never, ever have anything to do with charity work, or be 'friends' even though one does tend to become friendly with some, such is my relationship with them. With that in mind, I will create one for the properties, and a separate one for the charity work and friends, as I have many friends who offer to help me to do collections, or control the crowd and collect donatio
  10. Hi guys, thank you ever so much for your kind words. I am sorry for the delay as I have been away on honeymoon, but while away my father unfortunately passed away after a long illness, but he is at peace now and in no more pain. When I have read a bit more on the book "Filemaker Pro 11 - The Missing Manual", I will have a better idea of what I can and cannot do, and how best to implement them all. I will drop a message on here once I know, and hopefully people will be able to help me to help charities more efficiently.. Best regards, Carl
  11. Hi everyone, I am sorry if this is not in the correct topic, but I am new having just bought FMP Advanced. I have a huge contact database which is currently on Address Book, and exporting it over to FMP is not a problem. Many of the contacts I have are people who do charity work like myself, but some are just friends and a few others my tenants for my property business. I was wondering if it is better to have one big database with all the contacts in and create layouts etc, or should I have a separate file - one for properties, one for friends and the other for the charity-relat
  12. Hi everyone, I am sorry if this is not in the right forum, but I could not find a suitable one. My name is Carl Morris and I am a professional pool player, but this job brings some spare time with it - spare time I like to use to help charities. I am profoundly deaf myself and would not be where I am today were it not for the help of charities, hence the reason I like to give something back. Basically, over the last couple of years, I, along with another volunteer, have raised over £120,000 for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, the NDCS and now Against Breast Cancer, but it is getti
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