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  1. Well the batch check in and out both let me enter items more than once, resulting in extra entries on the history tab. I also tried using batch check in/out and normal check in/out on the same item and it got stuck on not available and wouldnt let me check it back in. I dont understand it because on yours it works like it should, but when i changed those names it stopped working.
  2. So the scripts you made work but when I change some names and fields it messes everything up. I tried not to change any of the fields used in the script and I did it twice to make sure I didn't. What am I doing to this database thats messing up the script? VaultLog2.1.fp7.zip
  3. thank you so much for all your help!!
  4. So I tried so figure this out before asking for help again but I dont have much of a talent for scripting . I think it should be possible to do a batch checkout as well as long as its all going to the same person. It would work the same way as the batch check in but before taking you to the check out screen it would show the contact list just like you were checking out 1 item. Ive made a new layout for the check out items but what things in the script do i need to change in order to make this work? I tried figuring it out but it kept saying there were scripting errors when i did it.
  5. Thats awesome!! Thank you so much for all your help! it works perfectly :P
  6. That would be awesome thank you so much! Its actually based off the lending library starter solution which has a history tab and i just changed what said assets to say tapes. I hope this clears things up.
  7. With the way the database is set up now it doesnt let you loan an item if its marked "Not Available". Would it be possible for you to give an example of that script that you wrote? That way I could just change some of the names around and make it work on my database. I can't figure out which commands to set in order to make the script Ive never really scripted anything before.
  8. So i learned a little more about scripting today and maybe this will be a clearer way of explaining what im looking for. I need a script that as soon as i scan a barcode it will check to see if the tape has been checked out or not. If it has been checked out it will automatically be checked back in. If the tape has not been checked out it will bring it to the next layout like it does when you manually click check out.
  9. Thats exactly what it is, its used to keep track of what we have here and what has been sent out and where. Its actually based off the starter solution for Asset Management. Ive only changed some of the names and fields. The tables im using are called History, Tapes(formerly assets from the starter solution, and Contacts.
  10. So I have no idea how to write a script and I need to make one for my work so heres the idea maybe someone knows. We have tapes that can either be checked in or out (theres a button to click for "check in" or "check out" then the "status" would be set to either Available or Not Available. Every tape has its own barcode on it and we can scan them into the search bar to find them, but then you have to click check in for each one. When you have 10 - 20 tapes to log in it makes it a little more time consuming. I am trying to find a way so that when Im checking a bunch of tapes back in I
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