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  1. an interesting behavior or two that I am noticing with SC and an implementation on FM GO. 1) When uploading a photo from an iOS device, the SC will display the photo in the OPPOSITE presentation (landscape vs portrait) than was taken on the camera. 2) When uploading from an iOS device, the SCGetInfo function does not work as it does on photos uploaded from the desktop. Thoughts? Jesse
  2. Is there any way to control the size of the applet buttons for SuperContainer? I want to have my users upload photos from their phones on GO, but the touch targets of the buttons are very small. Is there a solution to this? Jesse
  3. I have built a web scraper that does a great job of pulling information out of a standard HTML page for me, looking to see which of my competitors was involved in building the actual website (in the schools industry). I would like to be able to use a scraper to look at a school's URL to find out what their tuition was. The problem is that there is no standard convention to tell the scraper to go find. Some schools might use school.com/admission/tuition and some may use school.com/admissions/finance or some may use something completely different to find the information. Does anyone have
  4. @Joe- Will using the SCGetContainer method speed up the process at all? I have a user on windows who is not getting the image into her viewer at all. i have updated her java version,but she still gets sporadic results. any settings i need to tweak? I like the idea of using the getcontainer, but setting it up may need some assistance. i reached out to you on skype....
  5. Joe-I will be in touch. Brian-That solution worked for me. Mind you, it's a little bit slower than I might like, but it's accurate, and that's all that matters. I wanted to make sure that i had a "reload" step in the script, as well as a pause to make sure that the image loaded before it completed the pdf step, but the append to pdf works great. A nice added feature is that if i modify the find to add a few more records, it just adds them in to the file. that part is brilliant... So, thanks you two...I can now come in off the ledge. Jesse
  6. I need some assistance. I have a FM12 solution that uses Supercontainer to store an image that is related to a record. When i generate a list of records, the SC may or may not pull the image in from the web. I have created a script to cycle through the records one at a time, with a pause and a step to reload the webviewer by name. I then get to the end of the loop, the script goes to preview mode. sometimes the list of records has the images, sometimes it does not. When i choose save as pdf, it may generate the pdf with images, or, it may not, or filemaker simply crashes. i have
  7. We are loading images into a SC, (FM Pro 11 on Windows) and the images are positively GIANT. you can't even tell what you are looking at in the image. there is no thumbnail, it's making the solution useless. Any assistance?
  8. @comment-I have spent some time with the example you posted for me. I understand how it works, i think, and have a question regarding what happens when you choose one or more models in the portal. Where do the records of those selections go? how do i see those in a report? if i choose model id to report on, i am only able to see the one choice, even if there are three assigned to an event. Do i need a script to look for multiple records?
  9. @comment- excellent. so, the portal works well to pull the models down. i like it. i would like to work on the reporting aspect, but that's down the line...clearly you do consulting work. i may be in touch privately regarding rates, etc if this grows more hair than i can manage...thanks!
  10. @comment-thanks for your patience with me. I am trying to figure out the terminology with FM as i am converting over from Access. I have set up a new db with the tables i think are required. I have tried to pull apart your demo to understand how to apply it to my solution, and am getting stuck on how the portal interacts with the "join table". If i understand how you set it up, the central table is the "join table" where items from table a and table b reside. the portal then allows you to place items into the join table by picking from either table a or b. is that correct? i have posted a
  11. ok...that makes more sense. thanks for that clarification. much different situation then. will move on to figuring the portal thing out then.
  12. oh....and another issue. i need to be able to add two or more models to one event. if i put a dropdown box to choose the first model, no problem. When i add another dropdown to choose another model, the two boxes provide the same values.
  13. so, given the example you provided, i have created tables: Events (primarily where data will be entered) Models Supervisors Venues Brands Each table has an IDrecord at connecting to the Events Table and a corresponding ID in that table. My question then deals with entering data. If the supporting tables have data in them, how do i get the data to show on the primary layout? i.e. if i have venue information (address, phone, etc), by choosing the venueID dropdown on the events layout, i want to have those fields poplulate. am i using the wrong methodology? thanks in advance
  14. OK...so, eventID has a relationship to venueID and to ModelID, and i can have multiple Model ID's pull out of a table. i like where this is going...thanks! more to come. i will post how i do with it..
  15. will go back and look at how you set that up. trying to figure out how to make that work for this setup. i will also post a pdf of the layout. thanks for looking for me!
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