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  1. Erm - ulp - I hope so. The administrator of the business has setup an entry gateway box using FM (not something I'm familiar with) for users to open all files which I presume uses the Open Remote function. It certainly opens the files correctly on the server, so I've never questioned that. Should I be double checking this somehow? Erm - ulp - red face. Having trouble copying the script. Could you advise? That's something I'd LOVE to know how to do in FM because I'm used to editing macros/scripts remote from the file (say in Notepad etc) with other dbase software I've used. But I'v
  2. Hi there, Another poser for everyone, especially the usual angels out there: I’m running a script which is quite simple and works fine on my laptop under FM11 Pro. It involves the export of a field created by the ValueListItems command in one FM11 .fp7 file to a comma delimited .txt file, and the opening of another FM11 .fp7 file which imports records from that .txt file, performing some minor auto-enter calculations during the import. It’s a simple, straightforward operation that works fine and only takes between 10 and 20 seconds on my laptop, which was the pc used to design the
  3. Ok -sorry the record number can't be duplicated but it DOES return some rather inconsistent results as records are added deleted or duplicated. I was actually getting duplicate results when I did tests via various self join relationships to try to get the correct result. Afte my experience with it I've deliberately avoided it for this and similar exercises looking for chronological ordered previous records. Despite you guys' misgivings, which I appreciate as you're making sure I get it right, my solution works witout records having to be sorted which means it will work as a straight calc witho
  4. Thanks Bruce and Comment. First, Bruce, GetNthRecord DOES work with a related record (as in return a result) if I use the Record Number in the GetNthRecord command (as opposed to Record ID which returns the ?) but it doesn't necessarily give the correct result because the Record Numbers can duplicate if records are duplicated which will happen sometimes in my file. In fact, Comment's idea of using serial numbers and mine of using Record ID as related fields in a further relationship also didn't work because, although unique, they can return an incorrect result if a record which rela
  5. Another way to describe what I'm after, since I'm only looking from a result from one related record (which doesn't really require a portal - it's just that the portal was the only way I could find that would display the desired result), is I need to pull out the contents of the field <Shift Name> from the maximum record from the related table to use for my "If" function/condition. It sounds very simple and obvious - you'd think the Max function would work as it does for other calculations that directly result from numerical data that is calculated as Max - e.g. Max (Time) or Max (
  6. Sorry, I'll try another explanation but first preface it by saying that my "technique" of using the "y" trigger field is something I've used extensively in the past for various purposes and it will help if I use it for this one. I WILL however stay away from it here as it's not related to my actual problem. First, to simplify any confusion about tables, everything occurs within the same table, called "Timesheets", (just different layouts within that table). The relationship relevant to this discussion is a self-join within this table which I'll describe below. I have a series of calc
  7. I need to use text from the original (and/or related) field to set another trigger field (to "y") which will trigger (if and only if "y") a set of calculations for other fields. It will greatly simplify and idiot-proof the progamming for those other fields if I do this. The trigger field will set to "y" only if the text contents of the original field are certain words. The original field is looking back for the latest record, based on time, (not based on the record number as there may have been new records inserted that are intermediate in time between the previous and current record number -
  8. I have a simple portal in one layout of a table that contains two fields: the first is a numeric field containing the Record ID (it must be the Record ID and not the Record Number) of a related record from a self-joined table to the original table, and the second is a text field. I want to pull the contents of the portal's text field out of the first portal row (only) and insert those field contents into another text field in the same record but a different layout of the original table. Is there preferably a calculation, or less preferably a script, that will allow me to do this? GetNthRecord
  9. One last addendum to this thread: I did try the double relationship that comment suggested and it works perfectly, eliminating the need for the concatenated index field, so I've solved one problem and learnt something new. Thanks again and good job!
  10. By the way, I did use the double relationship correctly after you suggested it and according to the link you passed on http://www.filemaker....7.html#1027907 While it didn't solve the initial problem, I'm pretty sure it's given me the way to do the job without the need for the concatenated "Indx" field in the main and related tables, just as you said. I'd actually inadvertently done that in past "playing" and didn't fully appreciate the significance and usefulness. So, thanks also for the tip about that and I'll give it a try today, now that I can get the thing working at last!
  11. "Perhaps there are some hidden characters (e.g. spaces,..." Funny you should say that, comment, you little genius!!! : I happened to do a bare export of just the Indx field to a .tab file which I was going to throw up to the board here for us to look at (I didn't have too many records, just a few to 'play' with) and I noticed there was a leading space character in the State field, which was generated for reasons too complicated to describe in detail here - briefly - varying lengths of state abbreviations here, combined with pulling the data up from another dbase created by another p
  12. Thanks Comment, as always for your help. I had made sure the match fields were indexed, so we're ok on that. When you say I can match on the two fields, State and Date, are you suggesting that if I link the two fields to the corresponding State and Date fields simultaneously in the relationships graph, that FMP will treat the two relationships as a single, unique match for lookup or other relational purposes? Presuming that's what you meant and it did seem like a good idea, I tried doing it but unfortunately I still didn't get a return in the lookup. Please let me know if I misunderstood
  13. OK- In addition to the above I just exported the bare data only to two separate, independent files, one as a main file and the other as the related file and established the relationship between the "Indx" fields in both files and the data in the "Return" field STILL won't come up when a match is established. The only two things I can think of is that there is a necessarily a mix of alpha and numeric characters in the match field, (a typical example of the "Indx" field contains data, NSW743131) or that the lookups won't work after a certain number of failures in previous records. Both sce
  14. I have a text field, called "Indx", in a main file which is auto calculated as follows: Client State&GetAsText(GetAsNumber(Date), with the field, "Client State" being a two or three letter abbreviation for the State where a client lives and "Date" being the date applicable to that record within the file. Note also, for later reference, that "Client State" has been looked up from another file, as opposed to data entered in the same layout, (I'm not sure whether that's significant or not but I thought I should mention it just in case). So far, so good - all working. My problem ari
  15. OK well it WAS me messing up. One of the fields I inputted into the sort spec was wrong (similar name to the correct field but the wrong one). : Good news is the problem is solved. It still may have been worth bringing the thread up because a very good point has been made to let people know to perform the relevant sort every time they delete and reimport records for the page breaks to work properly.
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