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  1. The possibility of being able to use card windows as reusable objects throughout multiple layouts in FileMaker 16 is an useful concept. For example, if you have recurring popovers in many layouts with the same content you could substitute these with a card window layout and have the content controlled from one place instead of using duplicate content in multiple popovers. A one-to-many relation so to speak. One obstacle in achieving full flexibility with card windows is its minimum size. This seems to be a fact: - macOS 10.12.5, FileMaker Pro Avanced 16.0.1 minimum size: 144 px
  2. Hi all, here's what I want to do: 1. Executing an AppleScript from FileMaker that will send an iMessage through OSX's Messages: I'm using this simple AppleScript from FileMaker: Open this Scriplet in your Editor : tell application "Messages" send "tobias testar" to buddy "+46709123456" of service "E:mail@testdomain.se" end tell It works just fine by itself. 2. Then have Messages.app to report back to FileMaker if the message was sucessfully sent (sometimes I don't know if a certain cell phone number is registered with iMessages or not). This rep
  3. Hi, I'm trying out the Email plugin foremost to use as a part of a Email Bounce system. Looking at the email bounce in the 360Works Email plugin context I'm missing alot of text/data that is present in my Apple Mail or webmail version. I wonder why that is?... The part that is missing is the crucial data about Status and error codes that I can see in Apple Mail and webmail. I can't find it in the Header either (above the body). Am I missing something here? --- Here's what the email bounce body looks like with the 360Works plugin: This is the mail system at hos
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