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  1. I have a small laboratory. The laboratory have many products and many vendors. The thing I want is to have a solution with which I could be able to trace my products, to have an inventory and to know to who how much i own. I know that the FM Starting point solution is more for vendors and not for laboratories. But with some changes i have made on the solution i make it works for the 75% of my needs. I hope i learn more things while experiencing with the FM starting solution so that i create my own database for my lab. Thanks.
  2. Bcooney, you are right. The problem is with the data model because i try to adapt a ready to use solution in my needs. The solution is FM Starting Point. So i try to find in every step of the solution a new way in order to meet my needs.
  3. Well, as i solved the one problem i faced another one. And the other one is described in the other topic. Thanks a lot for your help.
  4. I have a database in which i enter invoices. I purchase some products from a vendor. So i have the ability to inspect how much i own to the vendor and which products i have purchased form him. Some invoices from the vendor are for some products that i have returned so the total price must be decreased in that case so i should find a way to overcome this problem. The solution was to have a filed which will have the value 1 for the purchases and -1 for the invoice which have returned products. In this way i solved the problem with the money i own to the vendor. In short time i realized th
  5. hello, I have a summary field which is: Sum ( T12i_invoices_LINE_ITEM||flag_product_id|::Quantity) I want the result of it to be an absolute number. How is the way? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I have a database in which i have entered more than 100 records. After a while I realized that i need an extra field. Is there any way to enter the same entry (for example 1) in all 100 records? I don't want to make it Global field because the value of the field will be 1 or -1. So the Global field option doesn't solve my problem. Thank in advance.
  7. Thanks comment, I have already done it. I mean the Adjustment field. It works.
  8. Hello, I have a field that contains a calculated result. Actually it is the sum of the line items. Sometimes the invoice of a corporation has the sum of 1167,06 and when i enter the products to an invoice of my database i get the total as 1167,07. In order to control my payments it would help me to have the same result exactly. So, it would be helpful to have a calculated field that at the same time to be editable, so when i have problems as i described above to have the option to enter the sum manually. thank you in advance.
  9. I am trying it.... Yessss, it worksss. Thanks a lot. Thanks LaRetta, Thanks Comment
  10. In the Extended Price calculation the formula is as "If( IsEmpty( Quantity ) ; 1 ; Quantity ) * UnitPrice" and nothing about rounding option. OK , I see now the picture. How can modify the rounding option? How can I change the Extended Price?
  11. Shouldn't the 23.247 number in 2 decimal format be 23.25 and the 27.675 be 27.68? They are formatted as 2 decimal number. Is there any other way to adjust the rounding?
  12. Well, I have 8 products, 7 of them have the same price:23.25 So, 23.25*7=162.75 One of them have the price : 27.68. If sum the 162.75 and 27.68 it makes 190.43. The total of the Invoice show 190.40 How this happens? The prices of each product can be checked in the product module and they are also seen in the invoice itself.
  13. I arrive at this conclusion by summing each line item individually and by checking the invoice I have in my hand. Did you check the file? It is also seen in the file. I look forward for your reply.
  14. Dear LaRetta, Thank you for your reply. Because I found a ready solution i tried to use it. And the thing I want is to have the same result at the total field and the sum of the line items. Unfortunately, I don't know more specific details. I noticed also your mention but I can't interpret it :-(
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