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  1. Hi Here I am with another question. I really am glad this forum exist and there are nice people there to answer my questions. Thank you. My question is: A field can have a dropdown with a valuelist and the user can choose a value and it will return this value in the field. In my case the user (if clicks on the arrow) needs to open a pop-up with more information on it and if a record is selected, it needs to bring back not only the field from where it's selected, but also 3 more. See screenshots. If projectnr is selected it needs also bring back the regel, the act
  2. 1. The week the user enters is a 2-digit number with a valuelist from 1-53. 2. The purpose is to get the startdate and enddate for the week the user enters. (The also enter the year which is a 4-digit number with a valuelist from 1990-2020 with possibility to edit more). I need it for hour-registration purposes.
  3. The formula does work, but only when I use a OnObjectModify-script to calculate start/enddate of the week. At first I had the formula in the database as a auto-enter calculated value of a date-field. Why didn't it get triggered in the database? I found out that nothing I entered (not even get(currentdate) in the database was executed. When do these options get triggered in the database? I am confused now. Sabrina
  4. Oh I see. Thanks. I got it to work now. Much appreciated. Sabrina Horst
  5. Thank you. The show/hide did work. Strange is that if I explore this database via webpublishing the window-size of the descriptionfield don't work anymore and it resizes to the entire screen. Why is this? Thanks for helping me Much appreciated Sabrina
  6. I've solved it myself. I've changed the default settings of my laptop. Strange that it cannot be changed from settings within filemakerpro (like any other program)
  7. Hi all If the users enters a year and week, I want to calculate the startdate and enddate of this year/week. In another helpfile I found the following code: Date(1;2 - DayofWeek(Date( 1; 0; Year(Get(CurrentDate))));Year(Get(CurrentDate))+ 7 * (Week - 1) But that doesn't work. (I don't even know what it is trying to do). Can anyone help me with this? Thx Sabrina
  8. Hi I Installed FM pro 11 advanced (upgrade) with dutch and english language. But default it starts in dutch. Which I don't want because most manuals are in english. Thats why I want the english version. What way can I accomplish this? It is not in the preferences. I'm on a mac. Thx Sabrina
  9. Did you ever manage to solve this, I have the same problem. Thx Sabrina Horst
  10. is it possible to see where a script is used/triggered ? When getting a database from someone else (or maybe your own) and you see several scripts, then it is not always obvious where this script is used/triggered. Is there a way? Thanks Sabrina Horst
  11. Ok I get it, I think. You display the description of a second table with an updated projectid. This gets updated by a script, but I can't figure out where this script gets triggered. Help please? Sabrina
  12. Thanks. I've got the window for inputting the description now. the script (see attachment) opens a new layout. But can I disable the topmenu from this layout? Thx
  13. Yes this is what I meant. But in your example I cannot change the comment, which is what I want (or mutate via a button). But how did you manage to do this? Even by exploring your example I cannot see what you did to get the scrolling.
  14. Thanks That did it. Do you know then answer to my other question about scrolling in the portal and showing the right description outside the portal ?
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