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  1. Okay, I think I'm starting to get it. I looked at the invoices solution and that helped quite a bit. I guess I'll have to use a portal, like they did in the invoices solution to achieve what I want.
  2. Each record does not only have one product in it though. Each one of our records can have multiple products - that's just the way it is. It may be easier to have just one product, but we need to have multiple products per record. I think if it like a movie store: Record1: Movie1: Star Trek, Movie2: Lord of the Rings, Movie3: Goonies Record2: Movie1: Lord of the Rings, Movie2: Star Wars, Movie3: The Shining Record3: Movie1: Gladiator, Movie2: Goonies, Summary: Star Trek: 1 Lord of the Rings: 2 Goonies: 2 Star Wars: 1 The Shining: 1 Gladiator: 1 A customer
  3. What makes it a bad option? Is it because I have multiple fields? I'm confused as to why this is wrong as I don't see the difference between having two fields called, for example, product and cost and two fields called products 01 and products 02. Each field is asking for individual data. Is it because I want to merge the data afterwards? I realize I'm a "newbie" at this guys, but I'm trying to learn as I go, so knowing why I'm doing something or why it doesn't work really helps me out.
  4. Hmmm... I do have 6 different fields if that makes a difference (product 01, product 02, product 03, etc.)...
  5. Okay, moving on...so for this same database, I have multiple drop downs where a user can pick up to 6 different products. For example: Record 01: Product 01: Banner Product 02: Kiosk Product 03: Poster Product 04: Document Product 05: Business Card Product 06: Flyer So what I want to do is add up all the products from the different records from all 6 product fields. Each record can have up to 6 different products, but doesn't have to have all 6 filled out. Most records will only have "Product 01" filled out. Clear as mud?
  6. Also, I'm not sure if my first post was clear... What I'm trying to do is count the amount of times each product was picked. For example; Record 01 - Product: Banner Record 02 - Product: Kiosk Record 03 - Product: Banner Record 04 - Product: Banner Record 05 - Product: Banner Record 06 - Product: Kiosk Record 07 - Product: Banner Record 08 - Product: Poster Record 09 - Product: Poster Record 10 - Product: Document Would return a summary of: Banner: 5 Kiosk: 2 Poster: 2 Document: 1 Thanks for the help guys!
  7. Sorry, I'm gonna need a little more hand-holding than that Any advice on where to look? I've been searching Google for hours and I'm not finding anything (that I recognize, anyway)
  8. Hi everyone, I'm somewhat new to FMP and was hoping I could get some help with my problem. So: I have a field called "Products". Users can choose a product from a drop down value list. The value list of the Products are: Pamphlets Kiosk Poster Document Banner So, in my report, I'd like to be able to have something to show the amount of each product that was chosen. For example, if I had 27 records, it would look something like this; Pamphlets: 5 Kiosk: 10 Poster: 2 Document: 4 Banner: 6 I'm not sure the best way to go about doing this... Any help w
  9. Thanks for your help comment! From your example, I was able to figure out how to solve my problem :(
  10. Sure, I'll see if I can be more clear. I work in a design shop. When a client sends us a request to do a particular job, I want to add it to a database. I have fields such as; client, date requested, date due, date completed, company name. I also have to show what product they're requesting, such as a poster or a pamphlet or maybe even a web button. Sometimes clients request more than one product (not often, but occasionally). Say we do 3000 jobs a year. It's a lot more effort for us to do 3000 posters than it is to do 3000 web buttons. We don't want to track our time,
  11. When we get assigned jobs, it's usually only one product, however, sometimes it's two. I decided to make three, just in case. I still have no idea where to start... The effort level field has to be the sum of all three product fields.
  12. I'm ridiculously new at FM and I have a question that I think would be a fairly simple solution (but maye not). I'll try and explain my problem. I have the fields; Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Each of these fields has a pop-up choice where a user can choose from a list of values (all three fields draw from the same value list). I have another field called; Effort Level The list of values looks something like this: Poster Pamphlet Kit Folder Based on what the user picks, I want the Effort Level field to change to a numeric value. For example
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