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  1. Been scratching my head on this one, not sure how to do this, or if it's even possible.. If I have a price list catalog that is made of several word 2007/2010 documents (no scripts, or anything fancy in them yet), is there some way that I can get the document to automatically connect to my FM db to pull the latest price/description for a particular product, and insert that into the catalog? A plugin, VBS, XML, etc. I'm open to anything that may work. I figure I would have to link it either by FM ID of the product, or match it by product's part number, etc. For example, the catalog
  2. Genius thanks! For some reason I couldn't find this in either FM help or my "missing manual" book.
  3. I have problems with getting printouts to behave similarly between Windows and Mac FM clients going to the same printer. The margins always seem to be off. I don't see any easy way to make them the same within the print driver, so I am exploring the possibility of having FM send a print job from an OS-specific layout. Is there a function that can retrieve what OS it is operating on? Like a Get (OS) sort of thing...
  4. Have a look at this thread, it might be relevant for your issue: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/71162-fm-11-printing-issue/
  5. Just an update on this for anyone interested. I've elected to use a combination of third party solutions and some custom coding to work towards my final solution of an integrated ship quoting within FM from various courier services for internal use. I didn't want to, but I ended up having to learn PHP to accomplish what I've done so far. If you're looking for a complete plug and play solution, this is not it. My dev station consists of: - FM 11 Advanced - Win7 Pro 64 w/ IIS7+PHP5.2 enabled - PSPad for coding the PHP - 360Works Scriptmaster (Free) - Rocketship.it's RocketS
  6. Looking for some layout inspiration, and am rather new to FM. I have a company-centric file that has multiple contacts and multiple addresses associated with it via TOs. I have a layout called 'Customer Management' that will allow the user to add, view, and modify company details. I was thinking of using tab control to switch views to contacts and addresses for the specific company. However, using a portal just gives me a table form view of the respective contacts or addresses. I'd prefer to make this a little more UI friendly. For example, one method I was debating was having
  7. Ooh, yes I would like the Custom Dialog Window for sure. There's nothing worse than people losing their windows because it lost focus by accident. re: TO names.. If I removed Entry, I'd end up with Company__COMPANY, or Item_ITEM_REFERENCE.. a bit too vague for me. Or maybe vague is what I need? I am still new to developing FM db's.
  8. Interesting idea. I may borrow that for this one here.. You are right about the 'Entry' TO's. They will be able to add/view/modify, along with the other 'Entry' type TOs. I just wasn't sure what to call it : Maybe 'Mgmt'... Anyway, the main issue I have is how to make a friendly UI for adding extraneous detail of a company (the contact, the addresses). I've been struggling with a popup layout method, and I think I may just resort to using Tab Controls on the company layout to add contacts, set defaults, etc. Still looking for any other input on this if any is out there!
  9. I'm currently developing a system for our company right now and looking for some input. The part I'm doing right now is the usual Company/Contact entry layouts. We generally deal with a specific person at a specific company, but we have to have the flexibility to set up multiple and default name/addresses as we often ship to different addresses/people under the company name. The DB current is set up with multiple TOs as shown attached. I am envisioning that as companies are first created, there won't be any addresses or contacts associated with it yet - so we want to click "Add
  10. Thanks, I will take a look at both solutions and see what I can come up with. It seems that unless I am a web coding genius, there will be some loops to go through to get these connectors to work.
  11. Hi, New to the forum and to FM, but not db/scripting in general. I see how powerful FM can be and would like to get more out of it. One thing I can see that would save us huge amounts of time is automating retrieving shipping quotes from various providers (UPS, fedex, DHL, USPS/Canada Post). I've searched the forums and looked online in general, the most I've found developer wise was a .php solution that integrates with UPS. Can anyone shed some light on this or pass me some info where I can see how this can be done within FM, or how I can get FM to leverage .php and make this cod
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