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  1. Hm, I was wrong. The issue seems to be the interpretation of "". In FM11 "" equals no data, in FMGo it equals 0. Therefore List (""; ""; "") is not drawn in FM11 but drawn as List (0;0;0) in FMGo. How do I tell FMGo that empty doesn't mean 0? Its possible to set the list to List (-10;-10,-10) and the scale from 0 to 100, then the lines disappear of course. Cheating works but the scale of the Y axis is fixed. Not really preferable.
  2. Dear all, I have a question regarding line charts in Filemaker GO. I have a line chart with 4 lines made from data in lists. Sometimes some of the lists are empty because I want to compare only 2 or 3 datasets. While Filemaker 11 does not draw a line from the empty list at all, Filemaker GO shows a line at Y=0 resulting in a colored x-axis. This is pretty annoying, as I would like to have no line if there is no data. Now I found that Filemaker 11 does the same if "Curve fitting" instead of "Poly-line" is chosen. Is there a bug in FMGo that always uses Curve fitting instead of Poly-line? A
  3. Stefan_O

    Line Charts

    Thanks, mate, thats excellent! As a benefit, choosing the mineral is even easier than enter it, especially with FMGo. And it works also with more than two. Again, thanks!
  4. Stefan_O

    Line Charts

    I attached a file with the basic set-up. Two line graphs in one chart works, if the data comes from the one record. But important would be the same chart with the values from all records in the portal to have a graphical/visual comparison instead of the table. Regards, Stefan Grafik Test.fp7.zip
  5. Stefan_O

    Line Charts

    In my main table I have one field (named "compare") in each record in which I can enter up to eight names line separated, occuring in the "names" field in other records of the same table. The portal is linked to the "compare" field and shows the records for the up to eight entries. It's a self-joined relation from the "compare" field to "names". Which also means the line chart needs display up to eight curves in one chart. In the example above the record would be ABC, with ABC, XYZ in the compare field (line sep.). The portal would show Name A400 A500 A600 ... ABC 10 20 30 XYZ 15
  6. Stefan_O

    Line Charts

    Sorry, if it was not clear. I simply want to have one line chart with two curves with the values (from above): Record/Dataset ABC: (400, 10), (500, 20), (600, 30) Record/Dataset XYZ: (400, 15), (500, 22), (600, 13) With my database setup as described I can have either one, but not both in a single chart. The records will come from a portal with up to eight records. I attached a file of how the chart should look like (made in Excel). Regards, Stefan
  7. Stefan_O

    Line Charts

    Dear all, since several days I pondering about the problem without finding a solution: I have quite same data organised like this: Name A400 A500 A600 ... ABC 10 20 30 XYZ 15 22 13 Now I want to make line charts with having A400-A600 as the X-axis and the field values as Y-values. Inside one record I figured out how to do it by calculating lists for Y and use a list with fixed valus (400;500;600) for X. It works and even allows to have the desired multiple line graphs in one chart. As soon as I want to add another line graph
  8. Yes! It seems that "self-join" was the keyword to search for. I will try to figure that out for my database. Many thanks!
  9. The adress thing was an example. From the keywords it differs only in the way that the keyword field might contain more than one keyword, while the city example does not. Does that makes things more complicated? The basic idea is to combine or relate records using keywords. Of course it would be the same than start a search each time for the keyword, but thats very unconvenient. Thanks, Stefan
  10. Hi everyone, I am an beginner on FM, so please be patient. I set up a database which works fine so far. Now I want to perform the following: Inside my main table I have fields for keywords. In my main layout which shows all data from one record, I want to have a list of other reords having the same keyword. The list should change upon entering a new or additional keyword. Preferably when I would click to one record in the list, it should be shown instead of the original record in the same layout. I searched quite a while in the web but did not get a clue how to do that. I actually ha
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