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  1. Thank you both very much for your insight. Jeremy, I just looked at your UUID function and I really like the structure you've used. I plan on adapting my calculations to match it.
  2. I'm trying to figure out the pros/cons of using a Loop/Helper function to handle the recursion in a CF Specifically, are there speed or upper limit benefits to using a "helper" or "looper" function instead of combining all the steps into a single or is that simply for readability? What about using the CustomList function to handle the recursion?
  3. This is really interesting and exciting! Have you made any updates to the project lately?
  4. Just thought I'd give an update. After installing the FileMaker Server 11.0v4 update and activating file vault 2 again, everything has been working fine for the past several weeks on my server with 3-5 local network users simultaneously accessing/creating/modifying/deleting dozens of records daily. My database currently has the following "stats" 71 distinct entities (tables), 1257 attributes (fields), 83 scripts, 41 functions, 1544 calculations, and displays data using 90 separate layouts (pages). NOTE: just to be clear, given that running FMP server on an encrypted disk is general
  5. Sorry I didn't make that clear, that quote applies only to "FIlevault 1" which is used in OSX 10.6, in OSX 10.7 (Lion) Filevault 2 (which I'm using here) is different (see below). From an article by Topher Kessler on CNET:
  6. Does anyone have any thoughts? Can anyone at least point me in the right direction? thanks
  7. Can you elaborate on that? (Or point towards some technical articles/ discussions that go into to it in depth?) If the filevault 2 (or any other full disk encryption) is "transparent" to the user, what would the problem be? I know the standard advice, but I'm curious as to why it's such an issue. This bit about FileVault 1 makes it seem like the only issue is one of processing power, but I know that the standard advice given is that using any kind of disk encryption will destroy your solution eventually when applied to served files. The fact that Filemaker Inc. doesn't appear to
  8. No I haven't destroyed them yet I've been experimenting with separate copies of my databases on a development machine. Do you think there are any problems with running the databases as I have it configured currently (with the server running from a non-encrypted disk but with the hosted databases themselves on an encrypted disk)? thanks
  9. UPDATE: So i disabled filevault 2 and low-and-behold, everything started working fine. Somehow, Java/FMP 11 server admin console and filevault 2 in Lion do not play well together. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I find it very strange since according to apple, filevault 2 is completely transparent. UPDATE: since I want the contents of the databases safe even if the mac mini itself gets stolen, I decided to encrypt the second internal HD with filevault 2 and then serve the actual database files from the encrypted drive. I also have the backups going to the encrypted drive.
  10. I have a mac mini server (2011) that came pre-installed with Mac OS X 7 (Lion) Server. I want to run FMP 11 Server on it. I'm not running/serving any of the server options so they shouldn't be conflicting with the FMP 11 server install. I have Filevault 2 (FDE) enabled because I want the server to be safe even if someone stole it (powered down of course). I'm updated to the latest release of FMP 11 Server and I know that only local sharing works with Lion (and I've gotten it working fine with lion client). Here's the thing... it appears to all work ok at first, but the admin console is u
  11. I'm trying to find three things. Some really good filemaker pro example databases (ideally with populated layouts so I can see they're laid out) that display implementations of some of the different relational diagram techniques discussed in the (comprehensive and hilarious) article Approaches to Graph Modeling A book or website that has lots comprehensive example relational graphs specifically designed in the filemaker relational graph (like a http://www.databasea...org/data_models but for filemaker specifically) more amazing websites like http://www.databasea...org/data_models if an
  12. Yep that it did it! thanks a ton! I'm exploring an EAV style scheme and I want to still be able to enforce validation rules defined in a "validation calculations" table that each of the records is related to
  13. sorry, the actual validation rule in this case is the value must be greater than 5 but less than 10. I wrote this as 5<X<10 where "X" is the contents of the field in question (Raw Result)
  14. I'm trying to use text from a second related field to define the calculation that determines if the data entered into the first field is valid. For some reason I can't get the text to correctly evaluate as an actual calculation. It just seems to show up as text and not evaluate as a calculation....I know this is super simple, but I'm totally stumped at the moment and I'm hoping to figure this out ASAP. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work? I've tried using evaluate() but I think I'm setting the syntax wrong. I currently have the "validate by calculat
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