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  1. Please let me know how you achieve #1 and #2
  2. I would like a solution to this also. FM's default behavior of clipping the content and not showing an ellipses instead is very annoying and also can cut out large amounts of information if it's a website link or email address. Ex. For a small field we have an email foo.barblixblax@example.com The field will clip this to foo. Lets say the field is long enough to show up to the x in blix, I would like to see something like: foo.barbl... so that I know there's more to the field and that it's not an erroneous entry for an email address. Yes I realize this is becaus
  3. Hmmm never mind, it seems either my database was reverted to an older version or someone removed the loops so I don't remember where they were specifically right now to give further details. I used to have some layouts set to "do not save" because I wanted that functionality for creating new records but every time a user clicked outside of a field filemaker would prompt them to save or not. If I get some more concrete examples of situations where this occurs in the future (next 2 weeks or so) I'll update this post with more info.
  4. In the database I'm making I have "modal" windows for creating new things (new events, new users, new teams). The scripts that launch these modal windows have a "Pause loop" that only exits if it gets a script result of 0: Loop Pause/Resume Script[indefinitely] Exit Loop If[Get (ScriptResult) = 0] End Loop Now the problem I'm running into is that sometimes filemaker will ask the user if they want to revert a record or if they want to save with its own default dialogue. When this happens sometimes the "New <thing>" window will close and the user will be stuck insi
  5. If there's no unique info differences between them yes. If any of the fields are unique to someone being a "cust or pros" or "ind sch crch" then you need to make a table for the unique "state" (ex. a schools table) and have a foreign key in it called "_ContactID" or something similar (that's just my personal naming scheme). In your case you have "school name" and "church name" so you should have 3 tables. Otherwise you'll have blank fields and other issues. Also in that case the "school" and "church" table should have unique primary keys and unique addresses that are different from you
  6. If you're having troubles separating out entity information reading up on normalization is a great primer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database_normalization
  7. For those wondering, in the end I gave up and went with a pop-up style auto-filtered-as-you-type portal (ala nightwing)
  8. I'm referring to the "Type Ahead" portal relation in NightWing's demo (http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker/demosX/demoX03.html) Basically you have two tables, one table contains the first and last name fields of a contact, and a "search key" field (the format of that field is last name on the first line, then last name space first name on the next line). You then have a "Type ahead" table, with one relational (and the only used) field, "filter", this field is global. Filter's format is on the first line whatever you typed in, on the second line it's whatever you typed in + "zzzz" (the
  9. In a demo file I have there's a relationship between two tables between two text fields that should equate to equals but it's not explicitly put as such and doing so breaks the functionality of it. What they have is "f1 <= f2 AND f1 >= f2", what does this make filemaker do?
  10. Basically what I want to do is a name based auto-complete edit-box (or something similar) that allows users to start typing in a name and of course suggest the correct name (the list of names can/should be pulled from the existing contacts table). When the user confirms the name I want the ID associated with that name to be put into the foreign key field (not displayed on the layout). The layout itself is based on a "Teams" table which has "Team Members" which is a "Contact". The only field shown on the Teams layout is a first+last name calculated field. Teams: _TeamID TeamM
  11. What (if any) significance does "test" have in the primary key? Edit: ugh took a while to see how it was working, this may work for what I need. Does anyone know some ascii (or is it unicode in FM?) values that are non-printing characters?
  12. Was afraid of that, ok I'll just do a modal pop-up window. Thank you for your help.
  13. Adding buttons/dropdowns adds cognitive load, also the added step of having to choose a year every time wastes the users time. The more buttons you have, the more that can go wrong (user forgets to click, forgets to select, etc.)
  14. Oh field info, sorry forgot. The table I'm pulling the value list from has a "year" that the event occured (it's an events table) and what I want to do is sort the entries by Year decending, then by name, to effectively "group" the events by year. (since it's quite unlikely that older events will be among the user's desired choices I want them near the bottom, and recent events near the top) The reason I need to use both fields is the first field is set to the primary key, and the second field is set to the name, and the field that gets the value list is the PK field. (using some sizing
  15. I want to display a value list that is sorted by year, then name, of the records. The list should pull it's data for both fields from a table, one field being a PK, the other being the name. Most solutions I've seen are quite restrictive as they require the use of one of the two fields for the purpose of sorting, but I need both fields. The only trick I can think of is numbering the PK relative to where an item should appear in the value list, but I see this as more of a kludge than anything any would like to avoid it.
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