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  1. Circumference of an Oval

    I believe the moderators of this forum prefer that transactional conversations happen in private messages. Aside from that, I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "teach me the function". Do you want to understand how the math works? I think that's much more than a 1-2 hour conversation, and there's plenty of other information linked to from the Wikipedia page for ellipses that can steer you in the right direction. Do you want a script version of the same thing? That could be done pretty easily, but this is a use where I think a custom function is a less clumsy solution to use. (I'll grant you that my implementation might look more complicated than absolutely necessary, but that's my pattern when I don't want any helper functions to depend on or extra parameters that are only there to pass information between recursions.)
  2. Circumference of an Oval

    Try this custom function for a reasonably exact calculation.
  3. Circumference of an Oval

    It looks like the calculation you found is approximating the circumference of an ellipse as the circumference of a circle with radius half-way between the circles that inscribe and circumscribe the ellipse. You could calculate upper and lower bounds as the circumferences of those 2 circles. The Wikipedia page includes some more bounds. Combining them in FileMaker might look like: lowerBound = Max ( Pi * ( width + height ) ; 4 * Sqrt ( width^2 + height^2 ) ) upperBound = Min ( 2 * Pi * Max ( width ; height ) ; 4 * ( width + height ) ; Pi * Sqrt ( 2 * ( width^2 + height^2 ) ) ) If those numbers are close enough for your comfort, then there you go. I imagine they might still be too loose with 500,000 pieces to cut. I thought the exact calculation looks a little fun to me, so I might take a crack at that later.
  4. Circumference of an Oval

    Calculating the circumference of an ellipse is complicated. Any simple formula you find is likely to be an approximation, so it's natural to expect that they won't all get the same answer. How close is close enough for your app?
  5. combinations or ...

    What you're describing is the knapsack problem. The Wikipedia pages includes descriptions of several approaches to solving it for you to consider.
  6. I made a solution once that works in the other direction: given a point, find which polygons in the database contain it. There are a couple ways to do this, but the way that executed fastest was to decompose each polygon into geohashes covering the same region in advance, then calculate the geohash for the point of interest and perform an exact match find on the geohash. (When it's important to keep the database small, you can decompose regions into different-precision geohashes depending on what's necessary to cover the shape of the region, then finding a region for a point consists of attempting finds at multiple resolutions until it gets a match.) This assumed that the regions of interest are already in the database. But you're asking for a solution to a different problem: given a polygon, find which points in the database are contained by it. Start by looking at the "point in polygon" problem. I specifically recommend starting with the winding number algorithm. That's fine if you already have a small number of records to check. If you have more than a handful of points in your database, it will probably be unacceptably slow to check every single one. You could solve that by doing a find for points within the bounding box of the polygon, then checking each record in that constrained set with the winding number algorithm. This blog post I wrote a few years ago discusses how to find within a bounding box. If it's worth it to you to experiment with more complication options to achieve better speed, look into the point location problem, and trapezoidal decomposition in particular. The idea is that you might decompose your polygons into strictly vertical slabs, perform finds for the bounding boxes of the slabs, and check if the found points are actually in those slabs (which is much faster than the general point in polygon solutions because we can take advantage of the known shape of the slabs). This gets gnarly very fast, especially when you start handling non-convex polygons. You also don't want to be performing a huge number of numerical range finds in a single find request. FileMaker starts to choke on the complexity of the request. Extending a found set for each slab would probably work better.
  7. While you're editing the custom function, you need to set what the parameters are before the calculation will recognize the "bytes" and "precision" tokens, which would be undefined otherwise.
  8. Try this custom function.
  9. Quartile Ranks

    Then use stored number fields instead of calculation fields, and set each quartile field in a script that does separate sorts before setting each quartile field. A script also potentially makes it easier to handle ties, to address LaRetta's point.
  10. Thank you for the update!
  11. Is there an estimate of when a production version of a new build might be available? Weeks? Months?
  12. Quartile Ranks

    If you sort the records by contribution, you can set the quartile for each record with the calculation: Ceiling ( Get ( RecordNumber ) / Get ( FoundCount ) * 4 )
  13. The 5.06 build goes back to working normally in my tests on Mac & Windows clients. I'm reluctant to put this on the server without knowing how production-ready this build is.
  14. Now running ScriptMaster v5.052, I get the exact same error in all three contexts (Mac client, Windows client, Windows server).
  15. Is there a ScriptMaster version "5.052"? I just downloaded it fresh from 360Works yesterday, and it's only 5.05 (no 2).

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