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  1. I have finally resolved this. The portal filter should have included the LIST command as follows: not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( List ( Data for Keywords::ID ) ; global::gCurrent Keyword ) ) Thank you for everyones help
  2. I have made some small progress on this. It seems that the issue relates to having multiple matches in the join table. If I break the join related to _Asset_pk 7335 and _Keyword_pk 0004878 then the next join (only) functions, in this case relating to the keyword bob. I am still not sure why this is the case or how to resolve it as I need to be able to apply multiple keywords to the same asset.
  3. Thank you for you assistance. I am very much a novice with FM and I am open to better ways of doing things including names and processes. I have included an image of main layout showing some test data that will hopefully aid in clarifying my issue. From the picture above, the main layout is based on the CONTENT layout. I used cartesian joins because the portal filtering is done based on a global field value and not a relationship based on a current record. Looking at the layout image, the left portal is a collapsible hierarchy. Clicking the arrows expands or collapses the keyword list. Clic
  4. I am building a digital asset manager in FM 13 for Windows. I am having problems displaying filtered data in a portal. I have series of scripts that bulk imports the file names & folder structure and creates a collapsible hierarchical keyword structure that is comparable to the folder structure. It creates all the joins between keywords and assets. Example: C:\Automobiles\Cars\Fiat\Model1.pdf results in C: ---Automobiles -----Cars ---------Fiat When "Fiat" is clicked, all assets associated with this path are shown in a second "Asset" portal using the filter: not IsEmpty ( FilterValu
  5. I am very much a novice with FM so any assistance is greatly appreciated. I am using FM 13 to develop a local digital asset manager. I have one portal with a list of keywords connected to a list of assets via a join table. When a keyword (button) is selected, the related ASSETS are displayed in a second portal. On a basic level, this setup works correctly. However, I am trying to expand the ASSETS that are displayed. Currently, the ASSET portal is filtered using: global::gCurrent Keyword = Data for Keywords::ID Given this example 1 doc1.pdf 1 doc2.pdf 2 doc3.pdf 2 doc4.pdf If I en
  6. I am new to Filemaker and developing a document manager in FM13. I have spent a lot of time trying to search this forum and others to find a solution but, probably due to my ignorance, I have not found (or just missed) anything that has been able to move me towards a viable working solution. I have a master list of keywords that I am using with the intent of simplifying navigation instead of using a bunch of cascading portals or drop downs. This approach seems to be the base of my issue. From the image, the portal on the left side is the keyword master list based on the demo by 1-More-Thing,
  7. I am using FM 10 in windows XP. The web viewer object in my layout is smaller then most web pages, so there are usually scroll bars to scroll left and down. I have a script which feeds URLs that are stored in a FM database to the web viewer. When "standard" web pages are shown (ie: "www.anypage.com'), everything works fine. The problem is when the URL references an online database. Example: http://anypage.com/team.php?ID=176905 Sometimes this page displays correctly in the web viewer, and sometimes it has scrolled down and left by about 40 pixels or so on both axis, so th
  8. I have found a somewhat clunky way around this issue. I right click on a link that leads to the desired web page within the web viewer and SAVE SHORTCUT or I can hold CTRL & ALT and drag the link (or paste) into a global field that has a scripted button. Then reloads the web viewer based on the value of the global field. Has anyone perhaps come up with a less clunky solution? Thanks for your attention.
  9. I am using FM 10 on a windows system. I am having an issue with dealing with "real" web page code in a web viewer after the user clicks on a link. This is the process 1) User presses scripted button to load web page from www.somesite.com/page1.htm into viewer 2) Layout changes and script processes web page and reloads it into same viewer using only local variables 3) User clicks on a link that is contained within the processed (from step 2) web page. 4) Web page loads into viewer from www.somesite.com/page2.html 5) User clicks different FM scripted button to process page (sam
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