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  1. Actually A, B and C are all different fields in different records in different tables but I see how it looked like that. Take care.
  2. I'm headed your way next week, small world. I was actually being more sarky then.... I'll look into script triggers more then, thanks. I already have record deletion via button scripts in Portal 1 & 2 so no worries. Catch ya later comment. Thanks for your help too.
  3. If complete records are deleted from Portals 1 or 2 then the conditions necessary (those fields wouldn't exist) for inclusion on Portal 3 would not pass therefore yes they should be deleted. My first concern was figuring out how to display the data necessary after entered, I was going to worry about clean up after that was working.... Sorry to be narky, whatever that means.
  4. I'm glad you're not actually but I'll bite: First of all, your As, Bs and Cs are all field values not records. Therefore, if you delete B2 you'd be left with A2. Cheer up, it's the holidays!
  5. Well no wonder he didn't get to it.... Regarding your questions: 1) The method you choose depends on what you're planning on doing with the data in portal 3 - is it just for displaying in this layout in this portal (viewing one application at a time) or are you planning on doing reporting and searching on this data ("This data" being the field that brings data across from portals 1 and 2 in portal 3)? >> We need the data in Portal 3 to be available for reports, etc. so it needs to be stored in a field. 2) Is the data entry for portal's 1, 2 and 3 going to happen only
  6. But if the corresponding records in portal 1 and 2 both exist and meet the requirements then they should both be brought accross into a single comma concatenated field? ANSWER: Yes What if the value in portals 1 and 2 change down the track (or they are changed to meet the requirements) AFTER the record has been created in portal 3 and the value has been brought across? ANSWER: Then the value should also be updated in Portal 3.
  7. Yes (to that field in Portal 3, one record to one record) It should also be updated. It's very likely that new records will also be added to Portal 1 & 2 over time as well.
  8. Portal 3 will only shows records from Portal 1&2 so it'll only ever have the same number as the max number of records in either Portal 1 or 2 (depending upon which are combined). Portal 1 & 2 will have varying numbers of records and Portal 3 will show as above. But only one field from either Portal 1 or 2 will be brought over to Portal 3 (and only IF Yes...)
  9. Got it. Portal 1 has the following records: ============================= Record #,Field1,Field2,Boolean -------------------------------------------- 1,"A","B","Yes", 2,"","","Yes", 3,"A","B","No" Portal 3 (Ignoring portal 2) ============================ Record #, Field1 above should be shown IF Yes in above so if the above then: 1,"A" 2, 3,
  10. When data is entered into Onc::ImplementationUnit and Onc::ThisYear = "Yes" and/or data is entered into LFT::IUName and LFT::ToBeTreatedThisYear = "Yes" put that data together separated by a comma in PlanDetail::AdminUnitName or if they are equal put it only once. This needs to happen for each row in the portal for Tab 3 corresponding to the combined number of rows with data in Tabs 1&2. Does that make more sense?
  11. Those are the actual names of the tables... OK I think I understand what you need. How about this - I have a layout with lots of tabs on it. The layout has fields from the Applications table at the top and bottom. Each tab has a portal in it that contains related fields from other tables. I'm trying to take 1) data entered in a field in one tab (but only if a Yes is selected in another field in the same record) and/or 2) the data in second tab (but again only if Yes is selected in another field in the same record) and combine them in a field in a third tab which is also in
  12. I thought I was describing what I'm looking at and their relationships. I've inherited this project, it's a FileMaker 11 database with 23 tables created from converting and combining 15 FileMaker 5 datababases so I was trying to simplify things. In the Relationships window I have the following involved tables: Applications table (tbl D) is related to LFT table (tbl A) via primary key = foriegn key AND a constant = constant (LFT table has both Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship and Delete related checked) Applications table (tbl D) is related to ONC tab
  13. Thanks. It doesn't work and it's probably cause I'm working with portals in tabs in the same layout(?)- I have portals on all three tabs. In more detail: Tab 1 (tabbed portal)- portal contains related fields only from TableA, fields outside portal are from TableD (the table common to TablesA, B & C) Tab 2 (tabbed portal)- portal contains related fields only from TableB, fields outside portal are from TableD (the table common to TablesA, B & C) Tab 3 (tabbed portal)- portal contains related fields only from TableC, fields outside portal are from TableD (the table c
  14. Hi! For a field I need the following sort of thing to work: Case ( TableA::ThisYear = "Yes" and not IsEmpty ( TableA::Field1 ) and not IsEmpty ( TableB::Field2 ) and TableA::Field1 = TableB::Field2;TableA::Field1; TableA::ThisYear = "Yes" and not IsEmpty ( TableA::Field1 ) and not IsEmpty ( TableB::Field2 ) and TableA::Field1 ≠ TableB::Field2; TableA::Field1 & "" & TableB::Field2) It's all text, trying to get input from two layouts (single field each) to be added to a third layout in a single field if a Yes radio button is checked. If the text exists and is identical f
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