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  1. Update on this topic I ended up using a single-thread server-side script to run all of my parsing in a loop. It takes up more time that ways, but it works. I ran up to another problem though, which was reported by the client: even though I clean up all my object at the end of the script, the FMSAE.EXE process still holds its memory. I did set the memorysize file to 2048, and everytime we run that script on the server, the process swells a little bit more (around 100-200MB at a time). When it gets to around 1.5GB, it stops swelling, and ScirptMaster seems to be re-using the same heap sp
  2. Wim, thanks for the quick reply. It only crashes when I execute more than one parse at the same time. It's currently running in our test lab, on a Windows 7 Pro VM with 8GB and 4 CPUs allocated to it. Also, the process never seems to take more than 50% of total CPU... I've tested it on a Windows 2012 server and the crashes still occur. We tried talking about importing Excel files instead of XML ones, but the client insisted on using "new technology". The XMLs are pumped from SAP with a third-party software that they don't understand, so there's a lot of garbage in them.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to parse 13 big XML files. The file sizes range from 5 to 55 MB, and I have to accomplish the parsing in a one hour window. All the XML files represent more than 150MB of data. I've tried using plugins to get the XPath working, but they all came to the same problem: everytime I call the XPath query function with both parameters (the xml itself and the XPath string), the plugin ends up releasing the XML in memory. I had extreme performance issues because every time I wanted to execute an XPath query I had to reload the whole XML in the heap. So I got on with
  4. for future readers, here's something useful you can read: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3571203/what-is-the-exact-meaning-of-runtime-getruntime-totalmemory-and-freememory
  5. Hi, I reserved a round of golf on the TPC San Antonio Monday July 28th @ 7:45 AM during the pre-conf event, which I will not attend. Since it's my first DevCon, I don't know a lot of people. For that reason, as of now, I'll be playing alone. If anybody would like to join me, or if you have an incomplete groupe and would like to group up with me, feel free to do so. I'm not that good a golfer, but I can't miss a chance to play a TPC golf course. Cheers !
  6. Here's another try (I had some times yesterday, and then some more this morning) IThis time, it requires ScriptMaster, and it's probably only compatible on Macs (haven't have THAT much time!) (because of the file path...) There isn't much validations and user-proofing, but hey... it's only for a box of chocolate You have a nice day ! DynamicSortChallenge.fp7.zip
  7. Hi, I started working with output variables in my different tests, and I was wondering if or how I could integrate those concepts once the function was registered and it was used via the calculation dialog. first of all, is it possible ?
  8. Thank you Jesse, what you said helped me get to the bottom of this. As I suspected, it was the JAR file that was the problem. I wasn't compiling the JAR in the right directory. I found out what went wrong when I executed the 'jar -tf YourJarFile.jar' and saw that all my classes weren'T prefixed with my package name. Once again, thank you !
  9. Good luck, I've been wasting nearly 3 days last week trying to figure out what went wrong with my process. My final thoughts are that my JAR library isn't compiled the right way, because I can import other JARs successfully.
  10. I thought that maybe I was going a little strong for my first test project, so I decided to go very smoothly, and try a simple "Hello World". And it's not even working... I know that I'm doing something wrong... but what exactly ? I based my process on this post, and wrote a simple class: package Steve; import java.io.*; public class test { public String test (){ return "Hello"; } } My code in the ScriptMaster file is: import Steve.*; test sn = new test(); return sn.test(); I know that the import is probably irrelevant. But th
  11. As a matter of fact, I did. I also checked that it was indeed loaded (with the function "SMGetLoadedJars"), and I can see that it is. EDIT: Just to be sure, I redid the process of compiling the .java files and creating the .jar file, and I still have that same error. (I also made sure that the JAR in the .fp7 file was deleted, and I added it again)
  12. Hi, This is my frist attempt at creating a new module for ScriptMaster. I want to be able to access UPS' Webservices for the freight rates. I have already done this with FedEx in C#, so I kind of know where I'm going, but ScriptMaster gives me a hard time starting it all. I came across a well-written JAVA code that does the XML parsing (I hate that part): the project is here if anybody wants to try it. I created an account to UPS' API, and configured the java code to represent my account informations. This is where it gets messy, because I haven'T done a lot of JAVA in
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