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  1. I'm probably missing it...but is there a way to set an email to deliver with the "High Importance" flag?
  2. 360 Works Email in our environment is running slow, and taking some time for some of our emails to arrive. To be upfront, we do have a lot of activity on our system we use at Relevant Radio throughout the day and the plugin is being called on extensively. However, we only use the plugin for one way communication (order advisories). I am not too sure how to bring some of my scripts over to perform script on server, as many of them rely on layout contexts, attachments and links. I'm pretty sure if I could move some of the demand PSOS it would free up the log jam we experience most every
  3. FileMaker 17 Advanced on Windows 10 - continues to run in the Task Manager after exiting the program. After removing all plugins (360 Works Email, FTPeek, and Base Elements) FM17 will quit and relaunch normally - I ran that routine four or five times without issue. I reintroduced each plugin and retested. 360 Works Email plugin (released on 6/14/18) is causing the issue. It is requiring a CT ALT DELETE to close FM17 before we can relaunch it as it shows it still running. This has been reported by some of the users in my company. Suggestions?
  4. I'm hosting through FMPHosts (FMS16) - and on every server reboot - 360Works Email fails to load automatically. I admin in and load it manually.
  5. Ryan, Thank you. My COPY table only has 1 associated AUDIO file - however I may have more than one copy records (with copy text each) to email. Would the loop end up sending more than 1 email? How would I do this within 1 single email. Here's how I have that part of the script setup currently: and If(IHR_Audio::Audio_File ≠ "";EmailAttachFile(IHR_Audio::Audio_File);"") and EmailSend
  6. In my Production Order database - my main table is (PRODUCTION ORDER) - under it I have a table (COPY) with child table (AUDIO) that I use to store audio files for each piece of copy. I'm set when the order only has 1 copy record and 1 attachment record in audio. I've set up a script to send an email with the copy along with the audio file without an issue. However, I can't figure out how to send multiple child attachments in an email. Since the list function works with text - the copy part is covered, it's the actual container attachments I can't figure out. Thanks for the sugges
  7. Ryan, I'm a little perplexed with how this might work with what I already have going on in the script. It includes an inline logo graphic and a calculated field - plus options to add attachments if the particular record happens to have them. Would you mind taking a look at the following - could I indeed add your solution to mine? EmailCreate( "IHR.CreativeServices@gmail.com" ; "fscales@IHRadio.com" ; Production Order::Email Subject_ProdAdvisToProducer) and EmailSetBody( "<html><body><img src=\"cid:IHR-CS-Email-Header-Minimal.gif\">" &"<br>"
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I failed to mention that I'm using FMPHost for my solution. Under my plan - they control the server side plugins I can use and don't allow adding additional plugins.
  9. Wonder if there if there are some go to tutorials for in-line background image behind the body of an email. Is this even possible? I successfully have scripts in use that already place a logo in-line, also able to include attachments, and I've hand coded HTML formatted text - so I'm good there. Just wanted to have the option of adding a gradient under the body text. Thank you
  10. Ben - as part of my calculated text, there is subtext involved that includes a field where the text is a script (as in piece of copy to be read by a voiceover) - containing line breaks. Is there a way to have that field convert to HTML as well.
  11. It worked. Replacing pilcrow with "<br>" in the text calc corrected the issue in this instance. Thank you.
  12. Needing some assistance if possible (and looks like the specific Email forum is not accepting new topics at the moment). I read the documentation on HTML Inline attachments. I'm needing to place an inline picture as a header to my email followed by a calculated text field as the body. Almost there. The picture is showing up as it should at the top of the email, however below the picture - the calculated text is displaying inline without it's scripted ¶ return keys. (It's one run-on line of text currently). Any suggestions on a solution? I've captured a couple screen grabs of
  13. I have successfully built a one to many relationship between two tables called Orders & Stations, with a 3rd table called order_stationlink where an order may sometimes have more than one station on the order at a time. Now, enter a fourth table called PSA's. It's separate set of data that is processed a little differently - and that will be brought into the main Orders table later. But instead of a field called Station, it is a field called Region, which may include one or many stations at a time. What I'd like to do is be able to pull in all the Stations that belong to that Regi
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