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  1. Many thanks dansmith65, Problem solved! In my situation I was to close to the threes and could not see the forest. Very simple solution and I never saw the checkbox. However, I sure did a lot of research on the web and never got an answer. Regards! Daniel
  2. Does anyone have an idea why the png images (company logo, control buttons...) are not showing ? My computing environment is the following: - One MacMini Server --ARWEN-- hosting the FileMaker pro dbms (the png images are not showing) - Two Macbook pro remotely login to the FileMaker Pro located on ARWEN (the png images are showing); - One MacMini --GANDALF-- remotely login to FileMaker Pro DBMS on ARWEN (the png images are not showing). The FileMaker Pro DBMS has been located in a folder called VII in the Application folder. At the moment when starting the dbms I always m
  3. I am new in writing a WEB application. I am currently writing a VERY simple web application which require to read and write information to a filemaker Pro database. The database is located on a MacMini Server, I do have five to six client remotely connected to the database. I could have between 5 to 15 external users trying to access the database simultaneously through the web application. People will be registering to the DBMS and make order ? My web pages are written in XHTML and I am intending to use PHP to : validate user entry information; query/ gather information f
  4. I've got an AppleScript program which starts automatically when an SDHC card is inserted in the computer. The content of the card is transferred onto a specific directory for FileMaker Pro to import. Up to last week everything was done on the internal disk of my computers. I now have a SAN (Storage Area Network) and all computers have have access to the files. However, I still need to keep the option to run locally. Therefore. I've created the field "MasterDisk" in the "Preference" table of my FileMaker Pro database. MasterDisk can only have the value "SAN" or "LOCAL". I want th
  5. The data files used by the FMP DBMS I am currently creating is always located in the UserLogon name directory. At that location, there also a list of folders which are used by other MAC system component. Then if a user logon onto the system under MrX, all required files will then be located under ../Users/MrX/... I am trying to see if there is a quick way to point to that folder without parsing. At this moment, I am using this parsing function which I need to clean up since FMP is giving me an error. Best regards! Daniel Let ( [ StartPos = Position ( Get(DesktopPath) ;
  6. " DesktopPath: " & Get(DesktopPath) & " UserName: " & Get(UserName) & " UserAcount: " & Get(AccountName) & " HostName: " & Get(HostName) When I use the DesktopPath function I get something like : Macintosh HD/Users/DanielPaquin/Desktop What I am interested in getting is the information contained between /Users and /Desktop i.e: DanielPaquin I've tried UserName and AccountName and found out those were in relation to FMP. I then used HostName which gave me the name of the MacMini server, in this case being ARWEN. Is there a get function which wou
  7. I have an Applescript program which read the content of a directory. Each files contained in the directory becomes a record in a FMP table. It is used to fill the Product table. All of this process is done behind the scene in batch. I do have a problem and do not know if there is a solution. In order for all of the information to get loaded in the Product table I must ensure nobody is accessing the file either from via the layout for the Standard form, a Table view and a List View. If someone is accessing the Product table at the same time the batch program is starting the loa
  8. What is your recommendation? Is there a FMP function I can use to open a video file with VLC or it would be better for me to write a quick Applescript program ? Thanks! Daniel
  9. I forgot to ask. If not possible to have VLC as a native FMP function, does any one know if there is a plug-ins which would allow to use VLC inside FMP? Anyone to recommend ? Thanks again! Daniel
  10. Is it possible to have FMP preferences or parameters being set to use VLC instead of QuickTime ? Best regards! Daniel
  11. Thanks Comment. Indeed it really helped, this is exactly what I was looking for.
  12. I am attaching a picture of what I am trying to do. I would like to know if this possible to do this or not in FMP. I would like to browse through pictures in two different ways. The first way, one picture at a time using control buttons. This functionality I can implement without any problems. The second ways is by using a table view inside a tab. I have been able to Display records from a related tables in a layout. Unfortunately when I click on a row the appropriate picture does not show. As you can see in the attached document. I've put aside a box for where the picture is t
  13. Thank you very much Fenton. I am trying to do most of my function using FileMaker Calculation. The reason I've needed this functionality is because the working folder I've created for my solution are under MacIntosh HD/User/Username/SubFolder1/SubFolder2. I needed a way to quickly retrieve the MacIntosh HD/User/Username path. I have a field which, using the calculation you've provided me with to populate the image reference. Using this function I can now add the proper path. It is now working, thanks again! Daniel
  14. Well I found that I can use something like Get (DesktopPath). I will see what else I can do with my calculation function. I had the idea to remove the word "Desktop". However, this will not work on a French OS.
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