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  1. The problem is my netbook use in my car has no way to communicate with a "Server". I do not have a broadband card, and even if I did the remote areas I go to wouldn't have coverage half the time. Is there no way to do a sync, or is just a pain in the butt?
  2. I have build a database for tracking my customers and leads, however I use it on three different computers. Office, home and on my net book when I am mobile. I have been using a thumb drive to be the mule between the computers and I keep the most updated on the thumb drive which works OK, but sometimes I forget to replace my database with the most recent copy and start updating records. So then I am left starting all over again because of my over site. and I am also scared that one day i am going to reverse an update by mistake. Is there anyway to make the program sync? So that it would only t
  3. Thanks everyone that works great. The only problem I can see now is that if I have more than one radio button checked it ignores the SOLD delete restriction. For example: If I have SOLD and Follow Up (or Sold and Appointment)checked, it will delete that record, because "SOLD" wasn't the only button selected. I can probably live with this since it is rare to have more than one button selected.
  4. I tried that, but now I can't ad or remove any records with that account. What am I doing wrong? Other than trying to work over my education level... I only have one table with several layouts and fields. I am really not good enough with file maker to understand the multiple tables part. I am surprised i have gotten as far as I have to be truthful. If not for this forum, I would have been screwed!
  5. I am still lost. I can't figure out how to make it NOT deleted the records with the Radio button for "SOLD" selected. I tried everything I could think of, and read the whole section provided, but I can't get it done. Can some one give me a walk through or another route.
  6. At risk of sounding like a moron... HOW do I do that exactly. Can you give me a walk through? Please?
  7. I have radio buttons in my database, one of which being SOLD. Every now and then I do a bulk delete to clear old records or duplicates. But my Fear is that I may accidentally delete a SOLD record in a purge. Is there anyway to set a permission to where anything marked SOLD can't be deleted in a bulk found records? I try to remember to OMIT SOLD in searches, but I would like to fool proof this!
  8. I have to do updates once a week on a company program. My question is I am trying to track what to update from my Filemaker Database. For example if i created a file on 4/1/11 and never modified it, there would be no need to update it. However if I created a file on 4/1/11 and then modified the file on 4/2/11 (or whenever) it would need to be updated in my company program. So how do i perform a search between the two fields "Date Created" and "Date Modified" yielding only results modified AFTER creation Date and time. I add records daily so a general modified search yields unmodified records.
  9. I was hoping for something a little more optimistic. "YOU CAN DO IT" or something. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't ULTRA LOG already doing what I need to do? Isn't there simply away to merge it with my Database?
  10. Yes I would love nothing more than to do this whole thing on my own, the problem is I am kind of on a deadline to make a working solution so I can present it at a sales conference I need to attend in a few weeks. I have some books; FileMaker Training Series (Master the essentials of FM 11 w/DVD) and FileMaker Pro 11 (The missing manual). I have read less than 60 pages between the two books, I am not much of a reader and I have a hard time following along. But I do have well over 100 hours using FM and experimenting, most of my major achievements have been from the help of the forums, or other
  11. What is IOW? And to sound a step dumber, how would I go about establishing a child of contacts? The two problems I keep facing with my Database is the duplicate information (thus the reason for creating this solution) and bad information, usually from trying to merge records. Both are evil, and it seems one leads to the other, which is where the log idea came in. Please pardon my ignorance.
  12. I have built a CRM in FileMaker which is a miracle in itself seeing as how I don't understand scripts, portals, relationships or anything else. I simply modified a contact template and added about 20 layouts and 100 fields. I did manage to figure out how to update records via importing by an automatic script from my desktop and it updates existing records and ads new records (thanks to this forum). I have about 6000 records in this program, and it is working pretty good, but it has one major flaw. When I import say 50 customers from my excel file, it will overwrite all my current info on
  13. OK, I did some looking around, but ended up more confused than when I started. I have a database with close to 100 fields and I use a lot of daily import features to keep the info up to date. The problem is, from time to time new information is incorrect and I need to review previous phone numbers, or contact names, but can't because they were over written. I have about 20 layouts, 100 fields and about 6000 records. I am trying to figure out the simplest solution to achieve a change log. I was thinking of adding a log tab and having something along the lines of Nightwing's UltraLog in tha
  14. Thank you everyone for your input. It works perfect. This forum is awesome.
  15. Yes, that did it! Thanks for all of your help. This forum is the BEST!
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